Guess the Object

Guess the Object

Here’s a fun game! These are various items that existed in the Regency Era that may or may not exist today, or if they do now look quite different. Can you guess what these are?

curricleA. Yes this is a carriage, that is easy, but what kind? Noted as the gentleman’s sport vehicle of the day, this particular carriage was light and very fast.

B. Invented in 1816 by René Laennec, this amazing device was revolutionary. Nowadays, after many changes in design, folks in a certain live saving profession would be crippled without it.


C. Often made of silver with pretty, entertaining tinkling bells, this dual purpose hand held item was also made from dried gourds, wood with beads, or hard stone that was cool to touch. Quite soothing.


D. Large estates found these things quite useful. So did the particular wildlife that considered it home. No longer built, those that remain intact dotting English lands are architectural marvels of great historical significance.


new bathing machineE. Ready for a day at the beach in surf and sand? If so you might need one of these in order to “take the waters.”

F. The lady of the house had to have one of these. Worn with pride, the bigger it was with the most items attached, the greater her importance. Plus, it was lovely!

epergne2G. A finely appointed table would not be without one of these unique items. OK, this one is tough. Hint: It starts with an E and is the French word for “saving” although oddly in France this item is called a surtout, go figure.

Good luck!

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  1. By the way, Sharon, love the new book and it’s cover. Congrats on being #1 on Amazon. Two thumbs up!

  2. I agree with Charlene. I’m an Antiques Roadshow fan so knew the chatelaine and epergne as well as the others. Believe spelling needs adjusted though.
    A. Curricle
    B. Stethoscope or ear horn
    C. Rattle for babies
    D. Dovecote
    E. Bathing machine
    F. Chatelaine
    G. Epergne

  3. A– curricle (modern day sports car)
    B– Ear Horn ( stethoscope)
    C– Baby rattle
    D– Dovecote (bird house)
    E– Bathing machine
    F– Chatelaine (master keys for house)
    G– Epargne- (centerpiece for the dining table) Found almost exact pic but was gold that was on King George III

    This was so much fun! Thanks Sharon

  4. I’m going with:
    Bathing machine
    I’ve no idea but it looks like a lazy Susan or a punch bowl of some sort LOL

  5. Tricky, let’s see if I can remember some of them from your novels 🙂
    A. is it a curricle, like the one Lizzy was allowed to Drive after much persuasion 🙂
    B. stethoscope
    C. Baby rattle
    D. Dovecote for birds and breeding
    E.bathing machine for modesty 🙂
    F. Chatelaine for the housekeeper idea unless I cheat 😉

    Thank for great fun Sharon xox

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