Saga Reader Letters

Saga Reader Letters

“Let me tell you about my daughter and her love for the Pride & Prejudice. The movie and books bring her peace and joy.  Reading is one of her favorite pastimes, in addition to needlepoint, crocheting and playing guitar and singing.  She loves the time era and is a romantic, loving, kind, sensitive, compassionate, talented, creative, adventurous, fun-loving, and beautiful young Christian woman.  She is a freshman at ___ Bible College.  She just starting dating, for the very first time ever, to a very special young man who called her father to ask his permission to date her.  She respects and maintains traditional values, morals, and ethics. She is especially blessed by these books, especially since she is now embarking on the adventure of dating for the very first time.”


I find I also must thank you for portraying a relationship the way it should be: Where a couple is so in love that they could not stand to lose the other and that their pure love for each other only grows with each passing day. I do not know if this will create impossible to live up to expectations in my life but none the less your story has given me that fire in my soul and warmth in my heart along with a good tickle to my wit. 

It’s so refreshing to see a real love story written as God intended a marriage to be.  Christian books tend to tiptoe around physical love and make everything G rated but your books are a beautifully written expression of what a marriage should be and could be. Your books have also helped my marriage and reminded me of that romantic time before children and jobs and other life stresses interfere in a couple’s relationship. I have been married almost 25 years and am surprised to find “Mr. Darcy” is still hidden within my tired, stressed husband.


Your accounts of pure marital bliss are both wonderful and astounding, and I must say that I too, have a “Mr. Darcy” for a husband of my own. Few women in this day and age could be so fortunate!

I also want you to know that I LOVED the fact that Mr. Darcy was a virgin!! The world would view it as ‘less manly’, but it made him all the more masculine and admirable, not less. Don’t ever let anyone make you think it should have been otherwise, because it was absolutely perfect! The wedding night chapter was one of the most beautiful depictions of the purity of the marriage bed I have ever read. As far as the Song of Solomon – that is one of my all time favorite books in the Bible! Oh, how I read that over and over when I was engaged, dreaming of my wedding night!!

I’m very happy to also be able to recommend your historical romance to my Christian family, as the very romantic love scenes wouldn’t offend their sensibilities, as many often do. 



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