RWA Nationals Day #1

RWA Nationals Day #1

I am sitting here at 11pm totally exhausted and thinking it is probably impossible for me to write anything coherent! And, typical me, I forgot to whip out my camera more often than I remembered! Tomorrow I will try to get over my fear of looking like a total geek and just start snapping! I’ll share a few of what I did take, but first, the highlights:

Meeting up with my fellow Sourcebooks Casablanca authors. First I met with Kendra Leigh Castle, having lunch together, and then hooked up with Cheryl Brooks. Later, at the literacy book signing, I reconnected with Robin Kaye, Marie Force, Judi Fennell, and Michele Young. Some of them I have met before, briefly, but for others it was a new face-to-face introduction. I also finally got to meet Julie James, whose books I LOVE!

The book signing itself! This one had over 500 authors, including Nora Roberts – who I saw in the flesh! We sat in tables alphabetically and I was between numerous award winning, best selling author Stephanie Laurens. I, of course, had no idea who she was! We chatted easily, her being a lovely lady from Australia, and it wasn’t until the massive line of ladies clamored non-stop to obtain her signature that I finally realized I was next to a celebrity! Did I think to get a photo? NO! stupid, stupid Oh well, it was wonderful and she did sign a book for me! I also sat next to Julia Latham, who was also as nice as can be. In fact, everyone is sooooo nice! How can a person write romance and not be nice? I signed about 10-12 books. My first signee was Leanne, who was so delighted to see me, said she loved my book, and purchased another just so I could sign it! Leanne, wherever you are, you made my night! Several other fans approached, including Rachel who brought her own copy for me to sign. A special thanks to everyone who purchased – the cause of literacy is a worthy one and I am honored that you included my novel on your list.

The Goody Room. There were actually 2 rooms filled with books and all sorts of items including bookmarks, candy, pens, magnets, cards, and other trinkets advertising authors and their books. I placed a stack of bookmarks supplied by my publisher so hopefully folks picked them up like I did theirs! I think I already have some 15 books – all free! Amazing.

Meeting my publicist Danielle. We chatted about the strategy for marketing “Loving Mr. Darcy.” Among the new ideas to look forward to is an ad in the next several months of Romantic Times!

In between all this excitement I did a whole lot of wandering around and chatting with new people. I was so fun, even if I felt a bit out of my element at times. Now I am quite tired, my big king-sized bed looking oh-so comfortable! More tomorrow, hopefully!

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  1. Sharon everything sounds amazing so far!!!
    How exciting meeting all of these wonderful writers some of who you admire and others you are just getting acquainted with.
    You really are in your niche right now, it is so apparent on your beaming happy face. You look beautiful and radiant in your pretty top and do. I’m so glad you had fans come and buy and sign your brilliant novels.
    And you met a fellow Aussie thats great! I haven’t heard of Stephanie either but since she was so nice to you I might have to look her up.
    Your books really do look amazing compared to the others around you. Can’t wait to hear much more exciting news from days to come.
    Keep it coming!
    TSBO devotee

  2. It’s so nice to hear about your first day. You really look fabulous at the desk. You really deserve being there. Have fun!
    I sure would go to get a book signed if I could.
    I love your blog, it’s so wonderful of you to keep us up to date.

  3. You look wonderful at your table with your books Sharon! How Exciting! Keep having fun and meeting such great people.

  4. Thank you ladies! I am waking up here in DC, getting ready for Day #2 – which is actually Day #1 of the official conference. So much still left to go! I promise to be better about photos today! And, don’t worry Becky, I will get one of Danielle and Deb and Dominique and more of my Casablanca authors. And if I see Nora wandering around again I’ll sneak a candid shot! LOL! Eventually I will post all the photos, perhaps in a temporary album in the Portrait Gallery. And I have more on my Facebook page, so check that out. OK, time to shower and shine. See ya all later.

  5. Sharon, you look beautiful, confident and it looks as it is exactly the right place for you.
    You have achieved so very much!
    Please be proud of yourself!
    I hope the second day is exciting and fabolous as well.


  6. What a fun day at the conference! I would love to have stepped up in line to have you sign my book too. It’s too bad you didn’t get a picture of Danielle, as I’m a little curious about what she looks like as well, since I’ve corresponded with her many times over the past several months. I’m just excited for you to continue to get recognition, not only for having such great books, but also the respect you should get for all the hard work you put in to be a writer. Have a great time with your fellow writers!

  7. Sharon, what a wonderful photo of you sitting at the Authors’ signing table. You look fabulous!!! and right at home among all the other authors’ tables. I am so happy for you, dear friend! Congratulations on a well deserved honor.

    Take care and God Bless.


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