General vacation musings

General vacation musings

Hi everyone! The Lathan family vacation was wonderful. Very relaxing and fun. We spent 6 days in the California Gold/Motherlode country. It was a bit cooler than what we are used to here in the central valley, but still gorgeous and warm. We did a fair amount of hanging out in the trailer, but also rambled all over the little towns. We went to Placerville one day, Volcano and the Black Chasm Cavern another day, toured Sutter Gold Mine, walked around Amador City, Sutter Mill, and Jackson one afternoon, and did some leisurely drives through the winding foothills.

Now we are home, the trailer is cleaned up and ready to be stored for the next adventure, and I am franticly getting stuff ready for my trip to Washington DC for the RWA Nationals! I leave bright and early tomorrow morning. Keep an eye on the blog as I will make every attempt to post bits and pieces while there. Wish me luck!!

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  1. That picture of me is one after I towed the trailer for 5 hours through traffic,backed it and set it up….then we went looking for some quick food. I was tired and fried….hence no smile. My apologies.

  2. Hi Sharon! Thanks for the wonderful pictures. You all sure look like you enjoyed yourselves. Bravo!

    Good luck on your trip to DC! Hope all goes well with the RWA convention. Hope you enjoy whatever parts of DC you get to see.

    Steve, it’s a pleasure to be a part of Sharon’s great adventure with the Literacy world. She couldn’t have done it without your love and support. You truly are her "Mr. Darcy"!

    Take care and God Bless.


  3. Your vacation looks awesome!!!! Such great pics of all of you having a ball.

    Thank you for sharing these special moments with us. You have a gorgeous family Sharon, you should all be proud of yourselves for setting a fine example of a wonderfully happy loving family. (Of course you’re allowed to have moments that aren’t hehe).

    Best of luckfor your amazing Washington adventure too!!!!! Can’t wait to hear all your wonderful tales of excitement in your extraordinary style.

    Love always
    TSBO devotee

  4. Once again I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all of Sharon’s many many friends who have been so encouraging to her. I will be staying home and watching and reading what happens like the rest of you.


  5. Dear Sharon,
    all the photos tell just one story and that is: we had a wonderful time and we enjoyed our time together!

    Tomorrow morning when I leave for work, I´ll be thinking of you in Washington, although I´m in a completely different time zone.
    Nevertheless, I hope you have a wonderful time!
    And I am impatiently waiting for your news from Washington!


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