Romance Reader at Heart review

Romance Reader at Heart review

Happy Valentines to me!! I sit here in my hotel in Berkeley after a wonderful day visiting with my editor and a fellow author (More on that later, I promise!), sipping on the espresso and munching the pastry that my darling husband walked to get for us, with only a little time at my disposal before we must hit the Interstate for home. I decide to make a half-hearted quick sweep of the various review sites to see if anything is new, and lo and behold! The first review I received but could not share until it was posted to the website is now listed! I am so excited!

It is from Romance Reader at Heart, a prestigious review website since 2001 with over 100,000 titles reviewed. Not only did they love my book but they granted in their Top Pick Rose which “indicates a keeper. This is one book you don’t want to miss!”

This is the full review by Kay James:

This new Austen sequel is heavy on the romantic overtones! It is a look into the first few months after Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet get married. Of course, they are deeply in love with one another, and Sharon Lathan has given readers a very affectionate and devoted couple. They have their trials and tribulations, but their love and relationship continues to grow. Many of Austen’s other beloved characters make appearances, adding to this sweet new tale of everyone’s favorite couple!

Jane Austen fans the world over wonder what happened to her delightful characters after her stories ended. It’s a natural thing to want to know more about characters who are as well-loved as hers are. For example… have you ever wondered just what happened between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth after Pride and Prejudice closed? I know I have. MR. & MRS. FITZWILLIAM DARCY shows just what may have happened. Sharon Lathan’s continuation of the famous novel is an interesting peek into the life of the couple. Highly entertaining, this story gives readers a bit more time with the Darcys.

The story opens just after the wedding, with Mr. Darcy being grateful their engagement has ended and their marriage is finally behind them. He looks over at his sleeping wife and the reader feels, right from the first page, the depth of his emotional attachment. This is, undoubtedly, a love story. the reader sees firsthand what marriage in the early 1800s entails; what obligations and duties fall to the partners and what sort of social constraints put each in his or her own place. This is a story of passion, but also of friendship. While the Darcys are definitely madly in love, they also share an openness that is enchanting. I still smile when I recall Lizzy’s appraisal of her husband in their bedchamber. She is, of course, appreciative of all his attributes but comments on his “nice” feet. So sweet and innocent, and makes the point that Lizzy was an inexperienced young woman learning how to love her new husband.

I raced through this book. I felt fully immersed in the time period, thanks to the author’s attention to detail. It is a real credit to Ms. Lathan that her storytelling style is in keeping with the author of work that inspired this novel. Well done!


Thank you Kay James and Romance Reader at Heart for honoring me with a review! And thanks to my amazing publicist Danielle who works tirelessly for each of the Sourcebooks’ authors in her charge.

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  1. Congratulations Sharon this review is awesome! I just can’t wait to see the reaction from everyone when they realise you have two more beautiful books heading their way! Everyone will be entranced by your Saga just like all of us.

    Hope you had a great weekend away! I look forward to hearing more about your meeting with the editor. Perhaps they have said they’ll take on fourth book? 😉

    God Bless
    TSBO devotee

  2. Congratulations Sharon!!

    I will be buying this book here in Brazil (month may/09) at "Book Culture".

    I am anxious to get my issue!

    Dream to read this book !!!!!!!


    Luciana (Brazil)

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