Quotes from Novel to Film, on the P&P 2005 Blog

Quotes from Novel to Film, on the P&P 2005 Blog

The wonderful Jeane, who has faithfully maintained the blog devoted to the 2005 movie version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, has on ongoing series in process which you just can’t miss. I have shared from time to time on my Facebook Page and elsewhere, and decided it was time to share here on the blog.

Jeane’s introduction explains the purpose of the series best–

On this post, I thought I’d compile all the quotes/dialogues from the movie’s script that were either taken directly from the novel or adapted and worded slightly different, but still remain similar (and probably done so on purpose to make the lines and dialogues easier to understand for modern and international audiences watching the 2005 film) to the original source.

So, basically, I’m posting here both similar quotes from the page, as in Jane Austen‘s timeless classic (204 years old) novel Pride and Prejudice comparing it to the screen adaptation, Pride & Prejudice (2005) film’s (starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen) own screenplay. I will try to post here every chapter or rather by chapter from the book to see which lines/dialogue were used exactly the same in the movie (as I thought a lot of Austen’s beautiful words from the novel, especially the most important and memorable ones were used and kept in the film) or worded slightly different (but still similar in meaning). I will include screen captures from the movie to accompany you while you read below both quotes from P&P movie and book.


The series began in March, and as of July 26 Jeane had reached Chapter 14. That is a lot of dialogue to cover, with loads more remaining! For the listing of the 13 blog posts thus far, in order, click this link: Pride and Prejudice Quotes From Novel to Film   Please join in the discussion!

To visit Jeane’s amazing blog for ALL sorts of news on the current happenings of the actors from Pride and Prejudice 2005, as well as tons of other fun stuff, click this link or the image below: Pride & Prejudice (2005) Blog



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  1. What a labor of love. I actually am fangirl of the 1995 version but I enjoy all the versions and have copies of each on DVD. But I love Colin Firth!!!! Thanks for sharing.

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