P&P Movie Moment

P&P Movie Moment

Man! Is it ever tough to pick scenes! Now that I have decided to do this, the challenge will be to make the selection. And, to limit my own musings so others can get a word in edgewise! I really do appreciate the discussion that was generated with the first set of pics. I hope this will continue to be fun for you gals and that even more of you readers will bravely join in! I will not always zero in on Lizzy and/or Mr. Darcy. I mean, it is hard not to focus on that man’s gorgeous face, but there were other characters in the movie….right? But for now, I just can’t resist.


The Piano Scene…. Or, where Darcy shows his sensitive side and Lizzy gets snippy. This is the scene where I think I really began to feel sorry for and like Mr. Darcy. Remember, I went into the theater that first day with zero knowledge of the plot. Oh sure, I knew they would end up together, so obviously, he wasn’t the Bad Man she thought he was. But, let’s face it, he was a bit nose-in-the-air and aside for incredible good-looks, he left much to be desired.

Until here.

There were hints of the softie inside before, but at the piano was when I began to really feel for how shy and awkward he was. And how rude and obtuse Lizzy was. It is so clear when he haltingly reveals how difficult it is for him to make conversation that he is extending a very personal confession. But Lizzy completely misses it! Why? Is she even trying to listen to him?

And what is he thinking/feeling as he looks back at her? I have my ideas, but want to hear what some of you think first, so, go for it!




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Kelly Leishman

I think he is truly starting to pine for her after she replies with that giggle. He is trying unsuccessfully to convince himself he does not love Lizzy!


I am glad my husband put in his point of view. It is so much fun to see how the other side thinks LOL. He loves the movie and loves Sharon’s books – He is a big fan. I hope in the future, if you ladies dont mind I will post some of his thoughts on the passages as he lets me know, as well as my own.

He is and will always be my only love.



It is funny but throughout the movie I feel a bit sorry for Lizzie, and I definitely felt that in this scene she had been put through the mill by Lady Catherine. I love the expression on Col F’s face when she gives her account of Merryton, the way he looks at Darcy quizzically. Darcy does try to smile (hey steady on there Darcy!) and he does try to bite back "I knew nobody but my own party". It is telling the way she smiles at Col F when he moves away but glares at Darcy when he starts his confessional. This is when we get really annoyed because we know he is doing something out of character, wearing his heart on his sleeve so to speak, and again, guess what, back comes the retort. Loved Seli’s husband perspective, I think one of the things that attracts Darcy is Lizzie’s feisty nature and the fact she doesn’t care a fig what his rank is in society. Darcy isn’t totally meek, he does bite back a little when Lizzie says "you mean to frighten me Mr Darcy, coming in all your state to hear me", he says "knowing you Miss Elizabeth I know it would not be possible to frighten you" or words to that effect. Fascinating stuff. Thank you Sharon for giving us the chance to dissect this scene!


I think it good to cut Lizzy a bit of slack too. I get irritated at her here, as I have said. But, as several of you pointed out, Lizzy is very out of her element here. We all admire her spunk and fortitude. Lizzy possesses confidence in spade. But, she is a young women who is not well experienced in the world. Her provincial upbringing makes it impossible for her to be the ‘modern’ woman that, IMHO, too many want to proclaim her to be. At this point she is not only intimidated, she has been insulted, forced to make herself look stupid, AND been deeply shocked to find herself face-to-face with a fellow who conjures up negative feelings (and some positive ones that she is in serious DeNial about!) Poor Lizzy!


Vee, quit apologizing! *lashes with a wet noodle* That is what is so fun about these discussions. We all bring our individual outlooks into it. Now we have a man’s POV and that brings a whole different dimension into it! Not to go off into a tangent, but that is why I hate people who get too ‘Jane Austen meant this’ or ‘Mr. Darcy would never do/say_____’ Books, paintings, movies, etc. are always interpreted by the viewer/reader in light of their own experiences. That is why one can read a book over and over again, or see a movie year after year, and forever find something new. It is brilliant and to be exhalted, not beaten down.

Ok- mini-rant over! 🙂


Seli, I am LOVING what Roberto had to say! Amazing!! And, ya know, the more I think on it, I think he has hit it on the head! That perspective does not change that Lizzy is just majorly po’d and being very rude here, but Darcy does not see it that way. Remember, to add more light to it, he thinks he is irresitable (rich, handsome, blah, blah) so figures her witty repartee and honesty is just more of what makes her so amazing to him, and is an indication of her returned interest. We women go all gushy and Aahh over him, and feel bad for how he is mistreated. But I think he may have liked it to a degree. But then, in the end, he looks back. Partly with desire and resolve, but perhaps with a question. Is she teasing as a form of flirting? Or is she showing her disdain? Hmmm… Now he is totally confused! Interesting take and now I HAVE to watch that scene again from that angle.

Another thought: I have always wondered about Col. F here. What has Darcy told him? F opens with a question that begs Lizzy to tease! I know the conversation in the book if far longer here, and I shall reread it to pick up any nuances. I’ll save that for another time as I adore Col. F here. His impishness in this one scene is largely where I was inspired to write Richard as I have.


This is excellent. Great comments from everyone I love reading them all. And thank you all for being patient with my little tantrum hahahaha.
TSBO devotee


I am not sure about this scene so my feelings are mixed. However my husband has read Sharon’s book and has seen the movie 5 times with me!! will provide us with male point of view of the scene LOL So this is his enterpretation: He says that Darcy has been thiking about her all this time and approaches her in hopes that she does some "sparing with him" He actually enjoyed the teasing from Lizzy and her sharp dialogue. He believes he has finally met his match> She is someone that can be honest with him not looking at him as a posible husband to wed because of the 10,000 pounds a year he has and when he turns back is because he is determined more than ever to ask her to be his wife but he is not sure if she feels the same… So there you are girls from a male point of view LOL

How fun!


Wow! Great responses already! I am just getting home from a long shift and need to go to bed, so cannot coherently reply as I should. However, I did want to say- Vee, I think it great to compare/contrast to the novel or other adaptations! I suppose the main point is to discuss feelings inspired by these pics, but if those feelings/thoughts are tied to something else, please express them!

It has been so long since I studied the book or watched the mini that I can’t really make a comparison. I do know that there is nothing ‘flirty’ about this scene as played here. Maybe JW did that on purpose to escalate the tension, the pride and prejudice aspects of it? I have always believed that Lizzy was way behind Darcy in recognizing any positive emotions toward him. Her irritation and anger pushes out the inner stirrings she clearly has in his presence. He knows what he is feeling for her, and although it takes him by surprise and so on, like May said, he is hurt by her rudeness. Yep, so many layers here!

I see the point too, Vee, of complaining about Lizzy here. I have the same reaction. Her bad behavior to Darcy at the piano, even trying to embarass him before his friend (Col. F) is far worse than his overheard comment about her being tolerable! I know it kind of goes against the general canon idea of the novel, but I think that JW evened it out more. That is, it isn’t Darcy who is the bigger boob and has the greater hurdles to overcome. It is more Lizzy! I think I am too tired to make sense of what I am thinking here, and it probably gets off the topic! Ha!!

Thanks for the comments. I will come back once I have gotten some sleep! Looking forward to more, so keep the thoughts coming!


Oh, Lizzy was taking a little excursion down the River of DeNial I think. She had made her mind up that she was going to get her digs in for the ‘not handsome enought to tempt me’ comment at Netherfield. If she could focus on that, she wouldn’t have to confront the very obvious way he stirred her.

She accomplished both counts quite nicely – much to her own detriment.


Oh I meant to add, Lizzie at that point still believed that Darcy had cruelly treated Wickham, so she was a bit shirty about that too! Although something magical happened during the Sarabande at Netherfield, she was still cool with Darcy over what Wickham had told her. Vee please don’t apologise for your POV, I loved reading it and you were right, it was a wee bit unsatisfactory that Lizzie was so aggressive, but of course by then we as an audience were well on the way to falling for Darcy and her responses to him were maddening. Oh yes Susanne, it was quite momentous for Darcy of all people to make that confession and Lizzie missed the significance totally, and that made his exit just heartbreaking. Worse was to come of course! LOL!


I think Darcy has fully accepted that he loves Lizzy, he wants her, he thinks about her as his future wife, the mother of his children.And he just wants to let her know, but it is so hard for him to tell her. And Lizzy cant´t imagine that he is in love with her, so she doesn´t listen carefully. She has still a way to go. If only she could see the look of his eyes, maybe she would imediately understand it all! As we do!


Thanks for the lovely reminder Sharon that this is the part where one would normally start to warm to Darcy. And I love that you could see the movie from a fresh perspective.
Because I have loved the story for so long I lose sight of these things sometimes, I just love Darcy from the start now hehehe. I think thats why I love new adaptations so much because it brings all of these wonderful scenes to life again.

I will admit this scene tests my patience though. I wish I could see it as though for the first time to really feel it. BUT it is soo hard. Darcy seems so kind and gentle in his manner and Lizzy tears him to shreds!!!!! It really gets my goat because this part is meant to be a battle of wits and very flirty. I don’t think they got Lizzy’s part right at all. So everytime I watch this bit I cringe. Poor Darcy, that’s what I always think.

Matthew had so much to offer in this scene and he still comes through brilliantly. He tries to be playful and funny and it is so easy to see the longing in his gorgeous eyes. But the way Keira handles or is told to handle this scene ruins it for me.

Sorry I know I must be comparing it to the novel and other adaptations but this the only scene that I was dissapointed in overall. And I love Keira and Matthew in the rest of the movie.

I really did like the lead up to the piano playing where Lizzy insists she cannot play and everyone just gives her an evil stare forcing her to play. The discomfort is very obvious and she seems intimidated by Lady Catherine even though that is not usually in her nature. The grandness of the room and its occupants is excellent showing the status of both Lady Catherine and Darcy. Her piano playing is pretty pathetic which makes me laugh a bit, she must be so embarassed. Maybe thats why she gets so narky!!!

Sorry I had to give negative feedback here. That’s not usually in MY nature so you can imagine how much this scene irks me.I hope you can all forgive me. I look forward to more favourite parts of the movie and I promise I’ll stop whinging.

I look forward to reading everyone elses comments because I am intrigued to know what you all thought especially if you’re seeing P&P for the first time.

TSBO devotee


Loving this Sharon! The piano scene is interesting, I mean Lizzie has just felt the sharp edge of Lady Catherine’s tongue, has been made to play the piano when she pleaded she couldn’t do it very well, as soon as she started playing Lady Catherine rudely started up a conversation with Darcy, so she was bound to feel a bit aggrieved at this point. Then Darcy came over to stand beside her much the same as he did with Georgiana, to give her support and to be near her but she was very affected by his presence and misinterpreted it as "you mean to frighten me Mr Darcy". Then Col Fitzwilliam comes over and mentions Merryton. Lizzie immediately bristles and recollects what happened. Darcy tries to smile but you can see he is very hurt by her answer. He tries to explain how he comes across and she snips at him. I can understand Lizzie, she did get the most awful snub at Merryton. As Joe Wright said, one gives a slap, then the other slaps back. The backward glance at Lizzie is very poignant, at this point we know he is desperately in love and has been on the receiving end of another zinger! As Sharon says, this is when you start to really like Darcy, however he still had a bit to go yet! This debate will go into overdrive if and when Sharon lets us discuss the CAR CRASH!

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