Our Disney Fireplace Mantel

Our Disney Fireplace Mantel

The Lathans are HUGE fans of all things Disney. As massive lovers of the magical world created by the late, great Walt Disney — and as we fortunately lived in California, me personally growing up about an hour away from Anaheim — visiting Disneyland was a constant event all of my life. For many years we held season tickets, our visits to the Happiest Place on Earth while our children were still young occurring several times each year. I consider myself truly blessed to have so many marvelous experiences at Disneyland, quite a few during the Christmas season. We have been to Disney World twice, the last time in 2016 when my husband and I spent an entire week over Christmas at the resort. I wrote about that fun adventure in this blog post: How Time Flies! My Mind is Still in Disney World…. 

Alas, now that we are older and have two small dogs, it seems that our Disney adventures have come to end. I am okay with that since we have so many awesome memories, and probably several thousand photos recording the delightful moments. In addition to photos, I have collected a plethora of ornaments and trinkets from our visits, and added to the treasures via novelty shops and Etsy. Suffice to say, never again entering the Magic Kingdom in no way diminishes my passion for the enchantment that is Disney.

Yesterday I finally finished the Christmas decorations in our Kentucky house. For about 7 years now, the fireplace mantel has been devoted to Disney. Last Christmas I completed the theme by sewing Disney stockings for Steve and I, with personalized name tags I designed and decoupaged. I thought I’d share some photos with y’all.

Full view of the Lathan Disney fireplace mantel.
Our stockings hung on genuine, collectible Disney mantel hangers.
Stockings made for our dogs hung on genuine, collectible Disney mantel hangers. White stocking for white poodle Olivia, and brown animal print stocking for red poodle Audrey.
Closeup of collected ornaments hanging on the left side of the pine bough.
Closeup of collected ornaments hanging on the right side of the pine bough.
In the middle of the mantel sits a photo of us from our 2016 Disney World trip, flanked by a Victorian Mickey & Minnie snowglobe and collectible trinket boxes.



Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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