Oscar gowns I love

Oscar gowns I love

This was actually a tough job! There have been so many fabulous gowns in Oscar red carpet history – and a ton of not-so-fabulous as well – so picking a few was impossible. I might have gotten carried away! Enjoy this collage of gowns I particularly adored. It isn’t an exhaustive list by any stretch! And I suppose it will be obvious that I tend to prefer color over bland white or basic black.

oscar gown1
Jennifer Garner ~ Milla Jovovich


oscar gown2
Amy Adams ~ Jennifer Lopez ~ Nicole Kidman


oscar gown3
Maria Menounos ~ Julia Roberts


oscar gown4
Halle Berry twice!


oscar gown5
Keira Knightley ~ Cate Blanchett


oscar gown6
Anne Hathaway ~ Elizabeth Banks


oscar gown7
Reese Witherspoon twice!


oscar gown8
Scarlett Johanssen ~ Kate Winslet


oscar gown9
Penelope Cruz ~ Jessica Alba


Jennifer Lopez ~ Halle Berry, again!


Hillary Swank ~ Natalie Portman




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  1. In 1996 Susan Sarandon won for Dead Man Walking, and I’ve never forgotten her gown, or how she looked that night wearing it. It was a deep copper, and exactly matched her hair. Decided to look for it on the net and found it–number 17 on this memorable (good& bad) Oscar dress site. http://www.buzzfeed.com/leonoraepstein/26-oscar-dresses-you-once-thought-were-soooooooooo-pretty
    During my search, discovered it was by Dolce & Cabbana. After the Oscars, Susan donated it to The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where it continues to Wow each time it’s exhibited: http://www.people.com/people/archive/article/0,,20130918,00.html
    The only other gown as memorable for me, isn’t an Oscar gown but a First Lady gown. Hilary Clinton’s first inaugural gown was a purple lace stunner I’ve never forgotten. http://www.firstclassfashionista.com/archives/57856

    • Hey Sheri!

      Yes, Susan S’s dress was awesome! I did stumble across that one in my search, and remembered it from the Oscars, but I couldn’t include all the ones I loved! I tend to agree with the tagline on the link you sent: Susan pulled off that gown because she is SOOOO gorgeous and has a rockin’ bod and the right coloring. But, on anyone else it would have bombed and made the worst list.

      That whole list is interesting. I never did care for Gwyneth’s pink gown. It kept popping up during my “best Oscar gown” searching. It is okay, but I didn’t think it looked gook on her. I love Natalie Portman’s gown tho! I didn’t come across that one, or I would have included it. Might have to expand the post! If I do, I’ll include the Hilary Swank one too.

      Thanks so much for the links!

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