One month from today!

One month from today!

THE TROUBLE WITH MR. DARCY will be released in exactly one month! How awesome is that? Here are a couple photos of the advanced reader copy looking gorgeous in my office…..


Standing tall next to Mr. Darcy on my computer screen. Nice!

A close up! Without the pretty silvery foiling of the final copy but still lovely.

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  1. Dear Sharon,

    this books looks as lovely as your other books. I can´t wait to read it and I really hope that it wiil be sent as soon as possible!

    And you have the best screen saver in the whole world!


  2. I cannot wait! The cover is superb! Have already ordered my copy from!

  3. Sharon!!! This cover is really beautiful! I love your new office and you are so lucky to have your own computer where you can have the gorgeous Matthew as your screen saver. Because we all share our computer at home, any screensaver I put on is quickly removed haha.
    I ordered my copy from Amazon this time, because Borders took too long to send one last time. So I can't wait to read this exquisite novel! Your writing still stands out as my absolute favourite. Your story line and language just flow so smoothly! Many congrats dear friend!
    TSBO devotee

  4. I can't wait till my copy arrives 😀 Congrats on the new book Sharon! One of your biggest fans here :)))

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