New Regency gowns

New Regency gowns

I purchased these for my daughter and I to wear for Jane Fest, which has sadly been canceled, but we will wear them for other events. Aren’t they fabulous? Found on Etsy from Historical Fashions, Hour Glass Designs, and Hedges8. Amazing garments!




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  1. Work has kept me from getting on to see how people are doing, so imagine how fun it was to stop in and see these gorgeous dresses! 🙂 I love them!

    P.S. LOVING your newest release. I'm reading it to review for the first of next month. 😉

  2. Ladies you both look very elegant! Those bonnets are beautiful! Too bad about the cancellation, but I am sure there will be an event that you can use them soon.

  3. I love these pictures, too!!
    You are looking absolutey wonderful! You and Emily could easily be a part of "Pride and Prejudice"!
    The background is very English, the lake, the bridge, the trees and the barn. It is the perfect frame for you and Emily.
    Like Vee I will look for this website, too. I want such a gown! It´s adorable!!!

    THanks for sharing it,

  4. LOVE THEM!!! You both look absolutely gorgeous! It is such a shame the festival has been cancelled! But I am sure you will find many more Jane filled moments to wear them.
    You are getting more beautiful every year Sharon! Love the close up pic of you! Is the Steve the talented photographer?
    I think I shall have to check out this Etsy site myself!
    TSBO devotee

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