Guess these objects…. for Regency ladies…

Guess these objects…. for Regency ladies…

Time for another installment of the object guessing game!

The last one was a month ago, and if you need to refresh your memory, here is the link: Guess these Objects…April 3 

The objects pictured were:
A. highchair for toddlers, dated 1815;
B. a fob;
C. top hat, beaver, high hat, topper, stove-pipe or chimney hat (if taller and cylindrical – think Abraham Lincoln);
D. a baby bottle (This threw everyone! not what we are used to seeing today.);
E. a chemisette (not to be confused with a fichu, which was a square cloth without a collar or clasp).

Today’s samples are all used by the ladies. These are various items that existed in the Regency Era or thereabouts that may or may not exist today, or if they do now look quite different. Can you guess what these are?

etuiA. This 18th century French example attractively decorated in green chagrin contains ten silver and steel tools including a compass, corkscrew, spoon, tweezers, scissors, and an ivory aide memoir. Carried alone or attached to a chatelaine, most women of class owned one… or several. What was it called?


B.  From 1750, this enamel and pearl encrusted container could possibly save the life, or at least dignity, of an oh-so-delicate female.




C.  Something was needed to keep those pretty shoes and long hems clean! And if they were worn by a lady, even for a dirty task, they had to be nice to look at, right? Of course! What were these things called?


D. The professionals I worked with would run screaming from this device. Then again, in an era before latex, what was a mother to do if nature hadn’t designed her properly or her bundle-of-joy was uncooperative?

calash bonnet

E. Not all bonnets were created equally. This strange incarnation was collapsible, and thus named after a particular carriage with a similar design. Any ideas?


Have fun guessing! Put your answers into the comment section.
Answers next month when I’ll post another Guess the Object…? visual post.


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    • The correct word is “perambulator” and shortened to “pram”. Not sure how pram came out of it, other than it rolls off the tongue better 🙂

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