Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is Now Available!

Mr. & Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy is Now Available!

Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Two Shall Become One still has an official release date of March 1. But, as I have written before, these dates are estimates in the publishing world. It sounds better to have an exact date in a press release rather than saying, “Somewhere in February.” In my case, especially with the very early Target release, it has felt like the longest launch ever! Happily so, of course, as I am having a terrific time. I still plan on highlighting the March 1 weekend, but the reality is that my debut novel is now available!!I have received 4 reports now of it sitting gloriously on a Barnes & Noble shelf. A friend called to say she had received her Amazon pre-ordered copy yesterday – so if you pre-ordered, keep your eyes peeled for the delivery person! Target has sold nearly 3000 copies and has reordered more! And finally, most US online booksellers are listing it as ‘in stock’ for immediate delivery, including my Sourcebooks page.

Now, Borders has not come around as yet. In fact, much to my irritation, I have checked twice and they have my book listed as authored by Georgette Heyer! That I just cannot figure out. Both Borders and B&N managers that I have spoken to in the past couple weeks say that March 1 is their official date, the larger shipments and central placement on the ‘New Fiction Release’ case happening then. Thus, these early leaks are in small numbers and I can’t promise you will find a copy in your local store – so call first! Additionally, most of the online sellers for outside the US markets are still listing me as ‘soon to be released.’ If curious, go to BookFinder4u, type in my name or the title, and an exhaustive list of all markets will come up. Obviously there are many sellers besides Amazon or B&N, here in the US and abroad.

The moral of the story is that your chances are very good that you can get the novel fairly easy now, without waiting until March – although that is just 12 days away! Be on the lookout, and by all means, share with me! I love hearing about my novel – shameless, I know.



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