Launch Week and Beyond…..

Launch Week and Beyond…..

Copies by the hundreds are whizzing their way through the mail and shipping trucks to eager readers across the globe *so I hope* But, for the sake of maintaining focus and having fun, I am going to stick with the March 1 date. So is my Sourcebooks’ publicist, the efficient and adorable Danielle. I want to briefly talk about some of the upcoming events.I have a slew of Guest Blogs and Interviews scheduled for the next 6 weeks. More may come as the novel builds up steam, but only the dates listed to the right are set in stone. As each one approaches I will be posting reminders, encouraging you to pop over to see what I have to say. I have had so much fun writing different essays and answering the questions, always attempting to focus on the website’s theme. If you check any of the sites out using the links provided, you will see that they are wildly diverse. One of Danielle’s jobs is to reach broad audiences for each book she markets. She does a fabulous job and I am very excited about the potential. Positive comments are a welcome support, one that will tremendously help me attain success, so I humbly encourage you to stop by on those days and say a few words. Plus, in many cases, a book giveaway is being offered! Some signed by me. How cool is that?

At the Casablanca Authors blog, I will be posting on Feb. 24 for my regular day, and on March 2 will celebrate my Launch. I am still contemplating what to do to make it special, but I know for sure that I will be giving away a signed book. Three other Casablanca authors have books releasing in March, so it is a big month for us. I encourage you to check it out, if romance is an interest, as these gals are truly great novelists.

Here on The Darcy Saga I really want to go WILD! Ideas of how to make it special are swirling through my head, but I am going to try my best to celebrate this amazing time in my life. Consider this an open invitation to visit frequently in the days leading up to the 1st. I do know that I will be giving away FIVE signed copies of my novel!! All you have to do is drop by and comment. I will be talking more on this in a few days as the plans coalesce. I am open for suggestions, however, as my creativity does not extend past being able to write!

After March 1 it does not stop. Another part of Danielle’s job is to keep the ball rolling as long as possible. As you can see, I have blogs date up to the end of March. Additional promotions and campaigns may occur – I am hoping so – and I will keep you informed.



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