Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!

What better gift than a fabulous 5-Star review? I love it! Thank you to Sam at The Little Munchkin Reader for giving me an invaluable, treasured gift. Great reviews are the best and aside from lifting my spirits they encourage readers to take a chance on my book. Yippee!!

Here is what Sam thought of Miss Darcy Falls in Love

Miss Georgiana Darcy has always been a favourite character of mine since I read Pride and Prejudice. As the younger sister of Fitzwilliam Darcy, she was a constant in his life, yet her story was never fleshed out.

Well, thanks to Sharon, it now has and is most beautifully done.
Miss Darcy Falls in Love follows the love story of Georgiana, who is travelling in Europe with her Aunt and Uncle, Lord and Lady Matlock. Whilst there, she falls in love with a gentleman who shares her passion for music.

This love story is told with passion. Lathan’s writing is lyrical and very much written in a style that a piece of music would be played – which is perfect for the story, as the pathway to true romance has its own ups and downs, does it not?

The subtle interactions that the lovers have in realizing their love had me turning pages so quickly – however, this also had the opposite effect as I slowed down my pace towards the end to that I could make the story last longer!!

Sharon Lathan, I once again thank you for allowing me to enter a world filled with the Darcy Family. I eagerly anticipate your next novel on Dr. George Darcy with breath held.


Awesome! If anyone else wants to give me a Christmas pressie, there is nothing else I would like more than a glowing review (for any of my novels) with a high rating placed onto an online seller. Talk about filling my heart with joy!


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