Love at Casablanca

Love at Casablanca

All during the month of February we are celebrating LOVE over at the Casablanca Authors Blog. As part of the Sourcebooks romance imprint line, the 18 of us who contribute to this fabulous blog should know a great deal about love. Each day we are approaching the emotion with our unique voices and from varied angles. It has been tremendous fun and I encourage you to pop over and scroll down to read what we have had to say on this wonderful subject.

Today is my turn and I chose the topic of love, courtship, and marriage in the Regency Era. Please come over! Join in the discussion if you want. And be sure to check out the awesome slideshow of our book covers and the websites of our diverse authors. You will never want for excellent reading material again!

Love, Regency Style by Sharon Lathan at the Casablanca Authors Blogspot

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    it is a real good way to start the weekend with the Regency days. As I read and scrolled down the picture of Lizzy and Darcy appeared and all the emotions came back. Darcy is so much in love, but still fights against his feelings and against Lizzy. So sweet.
    Well, I could imagine that the "dating way" of the Regency time isn´t that bad. You knew what to do, what to expect and how to behave. Maybe you have to change it a little bit, then it would work today as well. I think that people weren´t that rude back then. Manners and conversation were much more important and that is something I really would like to see today, too.
    And of course nobody can refuse Mr. Darcy, even Lizzy fully surrendered and recognized him as her soulmate.
    So, love, manners and some etiquette fit together very nicely.


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