Launching WBN 2014 in Lexington

Launching WBN 2014 in Lexington

On Tuesday I, like the many other chosen authors for World Book Night US 2014, launched the event by appearing at a local bookstore. To my tremendous delight, I was hosted by the incredible folks at Joseph-Beth Bookseller in Lexington, Kentucky. I honestly cannot express how marvelous everyone was! As you can see from the images below, the store is gorgeous and the display area set aside for me was fantastic. Major thanks to Jennifer Hendren, the Event Coordinator for Joseph-Beth, for greeting me warmly and ensuring all my needs were met. Deep appreciation goes to the adorable Andrew and lovely Amanda, store assistants who encouraged folks to come over and took care of everything.

My husband Steve came along as official photographer and supporter, and also my wonderful son Kyle to lend his muscles and smiling encouragement. I talked about World Book Night to the many givers who came in, met Gretchen – a fan of the Darcy Saga – and shared my love of Jane Austen and inspiration for my novels with members of a Jane Austen Book Club who happened to be holding their monthly meeting that night! The latter was a wonderful bonus.

All in all a delightful time. Yesterday – April 23 and William Shakespeare’s birthday – was the official World Book Night event for 2014 in which 22,500 copies of Miss Darcy Falls in Love were handed freely to those who cannot afford books or are non-readers. Altogether some 800,000 books were handed out throughout the US and military bases across the globe, not to mention the thousands more given by volunteers in the UK for World Book Night UK (different titles than US). What a fabulous charity for literacy! Next year and thereafter I’ll be participating as a volunteer giver! More to look forward to.

Enjoy the picture montage. Click on any picture to enlarge.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful store. I’ve never seen anything like it before! Fabulous pics by Steve, and you look beautiful as always. An amazing concept for all the lucky readers and an incredible honour for you and all the authors involved.

  2. That’s a gorgeous store!! I just love bookstores, big ones small ones…Love them all. WTG Sharon!! So happy you were included in the WBN.

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