Launch Week Roundup

Launch Week Roundup

It has been a wild week! The official My Dearest Mr. Darcy Launch Fete began last Saturday and was quickly followed with my virtual blog tour and a number of terrific reviews. I won’t rehash all of it, but do encourage you to scroll down to read all about it.

Today, Saturday January 9, as you are reading this entry, I am sitting at a table in the Visalia Borders bookstore for my first solo signing. Hopefully I am surrounded by a surging crowd of people clamoring to have me sign the books they are dying to purchase! Then again, I may be twiddling my thumbs and watching my book trailer play over and over. LOL! However it turns out, there will be photos and a commentary on the blog in the days ahead. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I will most likely be updating via my iPhone.

I appeared at 5 websites this week, either being interviewed or with a fun essay to share. All but one of those websites offered books to lucky people who commented. Next week I will be appearing at 7 different websites and there will be even more chances to win my novels! The Launch Events page has more details, and of course I will post daily reminders here.


Here are the winners announced so far—

For the Casablanca Authors celebration of my release: Margaret!

At Historical Hussies: Melanie of Melanie’s Musings!

And now – drum roll — the winners of a signed copy of My Dearest Mr. Darcy as part of The Darcy Saga Launch Fete activities are:

Diane Gibson 

Ninja Elizabeth


A huge thank you to everyone who participated in one way or another. You made my release week very special. The novel discussions are always open and the excerpts page will remain, so the fun lingers on indefinitely! I am going to post the quiz answers here, but of course you can always rapidly scroll past if you want to give them a shot.



Scavenger Hunt

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Darcy
  2. Family Matters
  3. Derby
  4. Darcy House Affairs
  5. Hertfordshire
  6. Return to Pemberley
  7. North and East
  8. Separation
  9. Parties and Memories
  10. Under the Willows
  11. A Picnic at Rowan Lake
  12. Happy Birthday Mrs. Darcy
  13. Lazy Days of Summer
  14. Separation
  15. Solitude


Fill in the Blanks

  1. Mr. Elliot Simpson
  • lemon flavored desserts and hot cocoa
  • Alexander
  • Sir Wallace Dandridge
  • 23 – a curricle for their anniversary
  • Rowan Lake
  • A big black spider!
  • Cotton milling and shipping
  • Mozart’s Don Giovanni
  • Duke Grafton
  • Mr. Anders
  • Raja, which means “prince” in Hindi
  • Rory and Julia Sitwell of Reniswahl Hall
  • Francis
  • Wales


Who Said it?

  1. b Lizzy
  • b Lady Matlock
  • d George Darcy
  • a Mrs. Hanford
  • c Mrs. Smyth
  • a Richard Fitzwilliam
  • c Mary Bennet
  • d Amy Griffin
  • c Victor
  • a Countess de Lieven

In the midst of my wild and crazy week, I had two other interesting developments I wish to share with you all. First, I received a notice from my editor wherein I was informed that My Dearest Mr. Darcy debuted at #13 on the Neilson’s Bookscan romance list for best sales! In just one week over 1100 copies were sold! OK, it’s not NYT Bestseller material, but I am very happy and so are the folks at Sourcebooks. Both Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy and Loving Mr. Darcy are going strong with collective sales nearing 50,000 copies! All of you have made this happen for me, and I can’t thank you enough.

The second surprising development was contact from a reporter at the big newspaper out of Fresno, CA – The Bee. She wanted to do a piece on me for the South Valley portion of the paper. So we invited her over, Steve whipped up some fresh espresso, and for over an hour we chatted while she took pages of notes. So fun! This is my second newspaper interview, the first being for our local paper, The Hanford Sentinel, in July. This article will be printed within the next week or two. Naturally I will scan and share when it comes out, but here is a photo of Jill and I talking about the Darcys.




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50,000 copies – Wonderful, Wonderful!!! and another interview – What a way to stat the New Year!!
Here is to you Sharon!!!!


Dear Sharon, Vee, and Susanne!!!
You Ladies are wonderful!!! Vee, I love it!! I hope you find "Mr.Darcy" and let me in on all the juicy details!!! Susanne…you are right; it is so cool to visit with you all and feel a connection without ever meeting you!!! How fun!!! I need to thank ya’ll for helping me realize that I am crazy but in a good way. CRAZY in love with the Darcy Saga and you guys!!! I hope you all have a wonderful day..Thank you for making my day!!! As I tend to tell myself everyday…"Go out there and make Lizzy proud!!!"
Thank you again and much love,


Hello Sharon, Jenny and Vee!

Another great thing about Sharon´s fabulous website:
"Speaking" with wonderful people all over the world.
I really enjoy this!



Hey Jenny, I’ll tell you what I do sometimes, which will probably sound weird. But we are all romantic fools aren’t we?

I size up guys I meet for Darcy potential! And you think you’re crazy Ha!

It doesn’t happen often mind you. The thought is usually triggered by a certain mannerism look or the voice. Ok now tell us again that YOU think you’re crazy hahaha

TSBO devotee


I know I am the big question girl…I am sorry but was just wondering…Do you find that when you meet people can you tell if they are a ‘Lizzy Bennet, "Jane Bingley", "Georgiana Darcy", or heaven forbid "Caroline Bingley"? What about the men do you ever meet "Mr. Darcy’s" or "George Darcy’s"?? Just food for thought…what can I say I am woman at home with five kids!!!! Does the word CRAZY come to mind??? LOL!!!
Thank you again,


Good luck Sharon!!!

I have had an amazing amount of fun this week participating in the activity and reading all your excellent reviews and essays. Congratulations dear friend!

Also a BIG congrats to Diana and Ninja Elizabeth, way to go girls!

Your books sale figures are amazing and congratulations also for your placing in the Neilson list Woohoo!!

All of the accolades are well deserved and I am sure you’ll have a blast at the book signing. I look forward to having loads more fun with everyone as the excitment continues.

TSBO devotee


Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you!!! Hope you are having a great day!
Thank you again,
P.S. Are you planning on coming to Texas anytime soon?


Dear Sharon!

What a week and what a wonderful way to begin the New Year!
An Interview and a book signing!
And 50000 copies, that´s quite a lot! Very impressive!

Congratulations to you!

Lots of love,

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