Book signing success!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Sharon Lathan

Hey Robert! Thanks for stopping by! It was so much fun, but would not have been near the success without your fine management. I really do appreciate it. It was Maggie who "encouraged" me to go for the signing! I knew if I backed out she would beat me with wet noodles. LOL! I will definitely keep the idea of another signing in mind for October. Thanks!

Maggie, I really appreciate your friendship and kind words. I have the best fans in the world, so it makes my job very easy. I am blessed.


It was great to finally get you in the store for your book signing. Please pass along another big thank you to your friend who helped me coerce… er… talk you into… er… encourage you to come in. Yeah, that’s it. =) I look forward to your other books coming soon. It would be a pleasure to set up another book signing whenever you are ready.

Thanks again, Sharon!

Ninja Elizabeth

it’s funny how people are like that… asking directions of people obviously not there to be doing that…

sounds like you had fun! now I’ve just got to get reading the novels… darn that Keira Knightley making movies based on books to distract me from reading yours… lol (London Boulevard atm..)

I am glad to be a "Sharon Lathan fan"!


Can I just say "ditto" to all the sweet comments already posted?? You are so gracious and so appreciative. You really do make every fan feel like they are a member of your family! You take the time to remember every name and every detail. You are so thoughtful and so sweet! You make it SO FUN to be a Sharon Lathan fan!!! I also must say that I feel blessed to call you my friend! I am so happy to know you and the great example that you are. Love you loads! Congratulations on all of the success and the great reviews!!

Diane Gibson

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. I often have to work our booth at environmental education events and people act like they’re scared to death of me! It’s really strange since they have chosen to attend the event in the first place!

Can’t wait to see what week 2 of the launch hoopla brings. 🙂

Sharon Lathan

Oh Vee, you are so sweet. But I actually feel terrible as I have not taken the time to personally email you and thank for the gift. I love it! It sits on my desk and was perfect for the signing since I do not have a business card holder! It is a constant reminder of your ongoing friendship. 🙂

Thank you Susanne and Jenny. It was so fun and I wish you could have been there. My jaws actually hurt from so much smiling and talking! But it was a tolerable pain, to be sure.

Diane, I did manage to Twitter twice, but that was it. It was non-stop action and the store was so busy that I did not want to be distracted and miss an interested customer. Strangers, I have now found, are shy about approaching a table. They do not know what it is, I think, and figure it is some kind of hard-sell tactic! I was approached once by this sweet young lady who wanted directions on how to find a particular book in the story! LOL! It made me laugh, but at the same time I couldn’t help wondering why she didn’t notice the signs, stack of books, etc. that clearly designate me as an author and not an employee! Ha!!

Ah, thanks Seli. And Steve will be happy to administer those hugs. 😉


Thank you for the pictures – you look great and the way they set up your table with your books!!! Amazing. I am so Happy for you – I wish I can just give you a big hug and tell you how proud I am of you – So I will do it from long distance and ask Steve to give you a big Hug from me!!

Congrats again!!!

Diane Gibson

It looks like you had a great time! I figured it must be going well when I didn’t see any posts "during" the event. 😉 Congrats!


How FUN!!! I am so excited for you!!! I concur with Vee and Susanne!!! They are some cool chics!!! I love how blessed and supported you are!! You have worked so hard and provided so much joy for so many…Thank you!!!!! To me, you are the modern day "Lizzy"!!!
Thank you again and much love,


Dear Sharon!

My heartfelt congratulations to you!
This morning after waking up I immediately turned on the computer , as I wanted to know all about your book signing. The first picture is one of your best pictures. A bookstore is definitely the right place for you!
And I could repeat all the words that Vee already found. You never forget any of your readers and friends! You are so very special.

God bless you,
lots of love,


I cannot begin to tell you how amazingly happy and proud I am for you dear friend. Your book signing experience sounds wonderful!!! A HUGE congratulations with piles of kiisses and hugs to you xoxoxo

I am so glad many fans and good friends turned up in support and of course with your own special brand of Sharonness (for there is no other word for your love and generosity) , you manage to include us all (even though we couldn’t be there in person). You never forget any of us! (the card holder, the scarf the ongoing thanks ). Those of us far and near are able to experience the joy of this amazing journey with you! Thank you, you’re one in a million Sharon.
Love always
TSBO devotee

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