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I know it was over a week ago, but better late than never, right? On November 6 I joined the ladies and gentlemen of the Jane Austen Society (JASNA) Central Valley CA region for a fund raising event at Barnes & Noble in Fresno, CA. We were SO excited and thankful to the B&N Community Relations Manager Ashley for scheduling us and arranging everything. Plus, she cleared out their entire window and gave us free reign to construct a display that will stay as-is for the entire month of November!!  Sorry for the glare, but isn’t it terrific? My novels to the left, other Jane-related books scattered about, and bonnets and dress by our director Carrie Flores.

The big day arrived as did a fair number of our JASNA members. Our display table and my book signing table were set up right by the inside Starbucks near the front of the store. It was perfect. Several of us wore our costumes, yours truly having another opportunity to don her ballgown. No, not proper for day wear in the Regency, but oh well! We started our fun with tea and scones in the Starbucks cafe – that being as Regency like as we could get. Oh the anachronisms!!

All throughout the afternoon we were visited by friends, fellow JASNA members, a few of my romance writer buddies, ladies who wandered by and paused in curiosity, and nearly every student in Mrs. Frye’s local high school AP Literature class! Carlie Frye is a member of JASNA and her students had just finished studying Pride & Prejudice. Stopping by was an extra credit assignment, but still it was wonderful to hear the enthusiasm in their voices as they talked about Austen, Mr. Darcy, and reading classic literature. Even the boys expressed pleasure in the novel, of special note the one young man who liked Mr. Collins the best! He almost inspired me to write a story from this “misunderstood” character’s point-of-view!  We sure know how to have fun! My husband was our official photographer and I have lots more photos on my Facebook Fanpage (click link here or on sidebar). In the end it was a great success. Sales figured well over $1000, 10% of which goes to us to help fund upcoming events, especially the 2nd Annual Jane Fest on April 9 & 10, 2011. I signed a large number of books, mostly copies of A Darcy Christmas but also many of the others. I left a bunch more that are signed, plus our display is still in the window, so if you are in the area be sure to stop in to the Barnes & Noble on N. Blackstone in Fresno.

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  1. Love it !!!! Thanks for sharing all these amazing pics and info about your fun day Sharon!!!
    You look absolutely beautiful in your gown and bonnet! Carrie and hubby really play the part well! Its sounds like you had a really great day with all the attendees and one of my fav pics is that of the students. The huge smiles on their faces sum up all of our love and interest in JA.
    TSBO devotee

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