Holiday Anthology: A Darcy Christmas

Holiday Anthology: A Darcy Christmas

As you who visit frequently know, my holiday anthology is out and about everywhere. Keep your eyes peeled at your local bookstore for Christmas display tables. Hopefully this novel will be among the other. If not, tell them to put it there! LOL!

As an FYI: I have noticed in my local area stores that A Darcy Christmas is placed under Amanda Grange’s name. So be sure to look there if you don’t see it in the literature section under my name! Also, I am receiving numerous reports and Google alerts that A Darcy Christmas is in the library system. Cool!

A few reviews from satisfied fans and blog reviewers have filtered in. I have what is available so far listed under the sections for reviews attached to “A Darcy Christmas” on the top menu bar. Check it out! So far so good!

Additional reviews – for any of my novels – are VERY welcome!

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  1. This is wonderful news dear friend! I cannot wait to get started on the gorgeous "A Darcy Christmas". Congrats on all the great reviews!
    TSBO devotee

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