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Starting on June 1 – that would be this coming up Wednesday, or 2 days from now for those like me who can never remember the actual date – Misty at The Book Rat blog is launching her 2nd Annual “Jane in June” extravaganza. Pretty much as it sounds, this is a whole month dedicated to Jane Seymore, that fabulous British actress of stage and television…. no, wait….

Just kidding! Of course it is a month about Jane Austen! And naturally this event is one I can get behind and support. Each day for 30 days there will be stories, book, spin-off and movie reviews, Jane related Friday Face Off posts and other meme posts, giveaways galore, guest posts, interviews, Dear Jane letters — the list goes on and on!

Last year each day was chock full of fun bits donated by fans of Jane Austen, including some of the Austen Authors. All of those are archived on The Book Rat and can be read by clicking this link for the complete list: Jane in June 2010 Dance Card on The Book Rat

I have no doubt this year will be as wonderful. I have written a “Dear Jane” letter and have also answered a series of interview questions. Several of the Austen Authors will be participating with individual contributions and we will also be contributing as a group! So be on the lookout for that. Misty would love to welcome you there and would love it if you shared the excitement with your connections. Feel free to steal the “Jane in June” icon to the left. Link away!

In addition to the freely given contributions for “Jane in June” Misty is also hosting a Pride and Prejudice read along and discussion during the month! How fun is that? The details are in full on the website at this link: Jane in June Read Along but the gist is that every Wednesday during June there will be a hosted discussion of Pride and Prejudice complete with questions/prompts. If you haven’t read P&P or never joined in to a discussion or book club and wish you had, well now is your chance!



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  1. how fun! since my mom has my Jane Eyre.. I should read P&P again…

    OT Matthew MacFadyen has a new role!! he’s been cast as Oblonsky, Anna’s brother in Joe Writght’s “Anna Karenina” which stars Keira Knightley as Anna.

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