“Dear Jane” letter from Mr. Darcy

“Dear Jane” letter from Mr. Darcy

“Jane in June” rages on over at Misty’s The Book Rat and if you haven’t visited yet you are missing out! Already there have been some fabulous posts that you must take the time to read through. Today – Saturday June 4 – my first of two personal offerings has been posted. It is a “Dear Jane” letter that Mr. Darcy wrote to his original creator, expressing his appreciation in his unique way. I think you will enjoy it!

“Dear Jane” can be read in full in The Library at Pemberley


As I have said, “Jane in June” is a month long celebration of posts paying homage to Jane Austen. Misty has a host of Jane-lovers involved in the event with two to three different posts each day along with giveaways galore. For my “Dear Jane” there are 2 copies of The Trouble With Mr. Darcy up for grabs! One from me, which will be signed, and a second donated by Sourcebooks. Pretty cool, huh? Be sure to get in the queue for that.

During the month the schedule for my contributions and those from the Austen Authors is as follows:

June 4: Sharon Lathan’s “Dear Jane” letter with a 2 book giveaway
June 9: Austen Authors answer, “If you could pair up two characters from different Austen novels who would it be and why.”
June 10th: Sharon Lathan interview and giveaway
June 16th: Austen Authors answer, “What is your favorite scene in all of Jane Austen’s novels?”
June 23rd: Austen Authors answer, “If one of your characters was in modern times what model car would they drive and why?”

We had enormous fun answering the questions and the responses were quite varied. Several of the Austen Authors have individual posts during the month on top of our group questions/answers so be on the lookout for that.

Long live Jane Austen!

3 Comments for “Dear Jane” letter from Mr. Darcy

  1. Sharon,
    Loved the letter. Sometimes it is so hard to remember that they were never real people (especially the way you write!)! The letter was one more personification for Darcy. Keep writing, we love it! I have more friends reading now since they see you on my facebook! I am sure new fans are always welcome, and I love having poeple to talk to about the books 🙂

  2. Dear Sharon,
    you are truly amazing! The idea of Darcy writting a letter to Jane Austen is incredible and wonderful!
    I think only a very talented writer can develop such an idea!

    And I really love letters, unfortunately we aren´t living in the right time for letters, but now and then there is a long letter or a postcard
    in the mailbox and I am always getting very excited.
    Letters are great!


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