It’s official – I am a Twilighter!

It’s official – I am a Twilighter!

Apparently that is the name for fans of Stephenie Meyer’s 4-book vampire series. I don’t think I am in need of a 12-step program as yet. I mean, I have not joined the fan community or started writing fan-fiction! That, as we all know, is what really makes one an obsessive! LOL! So, although you can all breathe easy in the assurance that I have not transferred my deep, abiding love for Mr. Darcy to Edward, I am nonetheless seriously in love with these books.

Down the page a bit I wrote about the Twilight book and movie when they captured me. I highly recommended both to you lovers of romance and reading. Right after that essay was written I immediately powered through the remaining 3 novels – in a week! I did not even wait for my sister to send the fourth and final book.  Rather, I sent my husband on a quest one day while I was sleeping because I truly did not think I could rest without knowing the finale wasn’t waiting for me to instantly devour when I finished the third! Yep, they truly are that good. I had to see the movie again – and I did. My daughter has beaten me by seeing it three times and is now on her own mission to power through the books in one fell swoop. I warn you, they are addicting! But, how unhealthy can fine escapism literature be? Not in the slightest, as far as I am concerned. So, for what it is worth, I am encouraging all of you to give this series a chance. Would I steer you wrong?

I am not going to give a review of each novel because I don’t want to give any part of it away. All I will say is that the ending is satisfying. She draws the main events to a close while leaving it open for either a sequel someday or unwritten happily-ever-after. I like that. I did find her official website: I am sure there are dozens of unofficial ones out there as well. Lots of fun info there, of course, but the most intriguing part – and what I sure can relate to as an author – is a violation of her copyright. Apparently a partially completed manuscript of Midnight Sun (a companion novel she was writing that would tell the story from Edward’s perspective) was leaked onto the internet and spread all over. This happened months ago and was so painful for her that she halted work on that novel. This is absolutely tragic! She has been mum on the subject these past four months, and is reportedly writing a completely different series of novels. I do pray she returns to Midnight Sun. On her official website, since it was leaked out anyway, she has placed the unedited manuscript to be read. It is amazing! But only whets my appetite for more. Here is the link for that: Midnight Sun draft If you are already a fan of the novels, excellent! If not, pick up Twilight – NOW! Happy reading. And, seriously, see the movie!



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Hi Sharon!

I just started reading Twilight and so far I am enjoying it very much. My sister-in-law told me about this book a couple months ago, and after hearing all the hype about it and the movie I thought I’d check it out. I really like Meyer’s writing style, and her story pulls you in pretty quick. I’m only on Chapter 4 now but it’s starting to get interesting! Anyhow, thanks for posting about this, Sharon! I’ll keep you posted on this.


After all these glowing reports!!!! I shall have to grab hold of the books to have a read. The movie has been launched here in Australia too and is getting a lot of hype. The media seems to be aiming it at the teenies here in Australia.

But you mention Romance and I am there!!!!

Thanks for all the great info.
TSBO devotee


Ah…I see you have been ‘bitten and smitten’ by Twilight too! I really enjoyed this series after being absolutely postitive I would hate it. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

LOVED the books and thought the movie was very good. I hope to see it again this weekend if I can make it.

Hugs to you all!

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

Glad you liked the "Twilight" series. You have surpassed me. I haven’t finished book 4 yet. I loaned it to my Daughter-In-Law because she is a faster reader than me. She read all 4 books in 2 weeks. I do intend to finish the 4th book as soon as possible.

Thanks for posting the "Midnight Sun" draft. I want to read that, too. Yes, it is too bad about what happened to her where that book was concerned. I tried to get to her original website but kept getting things that weren’t it. I’ll stick to your draft post to read it.

Hope you have a nice holiday. Take care and God Bless.


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