How to Dress for Derby

How to Dress for Derby

Thanks to the knowledgeable folks at The Art of Manlinesslink here — anyone of the male sex can attend the Kentucky Derby assured that he is dressed and groomed properly. This IS the South, after all, where dressing according to the rules of fashion are vital!


Illustration by Ted Slampyak.


This is the link to the main website and the original post from 2012 with this illustration: How To Dress For the Kentucky Derby: Your 60 Second Visual Guide   I strongly suggest reading the comments. They are a total crack up! I warned you that dressing “right” is serious business!

Another post on The Art of Manliness from 2009 is also informative and fun:  Dressing for the Kentucky Derby

Handsome gents from 2011 Kentucky Derby modeling proper Derby attire!

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  1. My DH would never make it. LOL I have to beg to get him into a jacket for funerals and weddings there is NO WAY he’d do it for a horse race, or the hat. sigh I do enough hats for both of us though.

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