Katherine Bone Reporting for Duty!

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Excellent interview ladies! I do love a great pirate story. (Add me in with those who still want full length novels over novellas.)

Katherine Bone

Excellent news, Lady Glenda! I’m always eager to hear what readers want.

Here be a few questions for ye: Tall or level? Blonde or brunette? Sexy or sweet? 😉

Joy Dawn King

What a fun interview! Great comments too.

Katherine, two weeks ago my husband and I were in San Diego, California and happened to stop at Balboa Park Museum of Natural History. They have an actual pirate treasure on display. The last humans to see and handle the bounty were pirates in 1717. Pirate Captain Sam Bellamy was at the helm. It is a traveling exhibition hosted by the National Geographic Society. You would enjoy the ambiance, the artifacts, and the story. Hardy har har!

So, my question is, why pirates?

Sharon, you seemed to get much enjoyment from the questions and answers. What is it about pirates that intrigues you too?

Thanks for the comments and the giveaway.

Katherine Bone

Ahoy, Lady Joy Dawn!!! I am so envious of you seeing true pirate treasure, m’lady. Wowzer! I would so love to be close to that piece of eight. Woot!!! Cap’n Bellamny was a well-dressed buck. Hard on the tars though. 😉

So ye ask why pirates, eh? Well, the magnificent thing about pirates is they are free from societal conventions, free to choose what they want and don’t want to do. They are free to rove, to follow any dream. They take what they want and leave the rest. Yeeaauuss! Love the sense of justice some pirates had and morality other men lacked. They were a melting pot of nationalities living in close confines. You carried your weight or you were done. Love. Love. Love! Add Regency morales and traditions, simmer on low, and go!

Didn’t think I could hold in my enthusiasm. Buahahahaha!

J "Joy" Dawn King

Captain’s Lady Bone,

What a hoot and a half you be! I had t’move me eyepatch t’wipe me tears. Ye be funnin’ w’ the ol’ salts me thinks!

Joy, Second Mate – Queen Anne’s Revenge

(In actual fact my husband was a sea captain for 21 years, sailing from the top of Alaska to Central America, the east coast of Russia to the South Pacific islands. I love the sea.)

Katherine Bone

Ahoy Second Matey Joy! Ye speak good pirate, wench!!! And ye be kin to a true tar. Aye, ye be worth your salt in a pinch. You’re welcome aboard ship any time!!! 🙂

J "Joy" Dawn King

Aye, aye, ma’am.

Katherine Bone

I apologize for taking so long to respond here, Lady Sharon! I’d like to announce that random.org selected J “Joy” Dawn King as the winner of my $10 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway. Sharon, if you’ll send me J’s email addy, I’ll get her giftie to her right away. Thanks again for inviting me and Jack to play!!! 😉

J "Joy" Dawn King

Why shiver me timbers, Capt’n Bone. I’ll just be fillin’ me jug w’the demon rum and join the scurvy lot at the next port-a-call. Garrrrrrrrrrr….. A tipp’n me hat to ya Capt’n. Thank ye!


Huzzah , Huzzah and Hoorah!!! Swashbuckling interview!
Pass the rum!
Great questions and fascinating answers.
Could have used a song or chant.

As a young child I was introduced to Treasure Island, along with Capt’n Hook
(in that great DOG book with that Peter Pan character) and a lifelong fascination took root.
Yer own books look a bit on the scandouls side – I loves that in a good read.

Like the wondrous movie Cutthroat Island.

Lady Sharon – me best to you as well, taking on two pirate wenches in a row!

YO hO Ho!

Katherine Bone

Aye, Lady Sharon is a strong seaworthy wench to be sure. She can handle us!!!

Ahoy, DogsMom!!! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. Love Treasure Island! I’m also partial to Jake And the Neverland Pirates on Nickelodian right now, or is the Disney Channel? LOL!!! I’m training up me littliest pirate grandson to rove. Heehee!

As for Cutthroat Island… Well now, just so happens that’s part of the High Concept for book two in my Nelson’s Tea Series: Captain Horatio Hornblower meets Cutthroad Island. Yeeaauuss!!!

Eileen Dandashi

I enjoyed the interview with their questions. Ms. Bone I haven’t read any of your work. I’m not particularly into novellas, I prefer the longer-length novel. Your books sound wonderful. Thanks for sharing and I’m glad I stopped in today Sharon Lathan. Very unexpected the pairing of you two!

Katherine Bone

Ahoy, Lady Eileen!!! Thanks for dropping by today. I love hearing what readers prefer, especially about characters and genres! MY LORD ROGUE is my first novella. Novellas seem to be the rage these days due to people having limited time to read, I guess. But what I really loved about writing a novella was being afforded the opportunity to delve into secondary characters who normally wouldn’t get their stories told otherwise. 😉

Unexpected pairing? Aye, who wouldn’t want to be paired up with the lovely Lady Sharon, eh? I’d love to see to Sharon on board ship dressed in her Regency finest. I’m green with envy, truth be told. She cuts a very fine Regency heroine!!!!

Katherine Bone

Huzzah and Hoorah!!! It’s great to sail into such a welcoming port, Lady Sharon!!! Thank you again for having me and for making me look great today! Woot!

Katherine Bone

Oooh! Raining handsome rogues sounds like welcome golden treasure, to be sure!!! 😉

Shana Galen

Lovely interview, Katherine! My favorite pirate (at least today) is Errol Flynn. Love his pirate movies!

Katherine Bone

Woohoo!!! Lady Shana in da house!!! 😉 (Such a fantastic pirate author! I wanna be like you when I grow up, Shana!)

I adore Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power… THE BEST pirates evah!!! I can watch Captain Blood and The Black Swan all day long!


Thanks for a fabulous interview Lady Sharon and Captain Katherine! I enjoyed reading your answers and enjoyed learning more about who you Katherine. You certainly have a big heart!
I love Sleepy Hollow too and in particular the gorgeous Tom Mison, he exudes so much old world charm 🙂
You have obviously thought a great deal about being marooned on a desert island, your choices are perfect! (I guess being a pirate you must be prepared)
I’m fascinated to know how you discovered Baroque music Katherine? That’s an unusual choice. I remember taking music elective in High school and first learning about the different periods of music.

I simply adore Mr Rochester!! Have either of you watched the adaptation of Jane Eyre with Timothy Dalton. He is Mr Rochester IMO. I have watched it so many times and I think I’m due to watch it again soon now that I mention it 😉 You have very good taste in men Katherine 😉 Mr Darcy a given and Rhett Butler swoon.
I am so naughty, I have three of your books on kindle and have yet to read one, however after hearing about why you love your characters, I am keen to start one of your novels very soon 🙂 As a matter of fact I wish I could give up work and read all of my books instead 🙂

Katherine Bone

Lady Vee!!! So good to see you here! Ye be making me blush. 😉

Shall I admit to a very strong affectation for Tom Mison? Aye, he’s so inspiring that he’s the basis for Lord Garrick Seaton, aka Captain Blade in book three of my pirate series. Le sigh…. (Channeling that cartoon where the woman yells, “A maannnn!!”

As to your question about Baroque music, I think my interest dates back to spending my early teen years in Germany and visiting so many cathedrals. In college, I took a great Humanities course as part of my Art Degree studies that really opened my eyes about the Medieval/Enlightenment period and encouraged my fascination with monks, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rubins, and so forth. Soul stirring music!!!

As for Mr. Rochester, I have to admit my favorites are Toby Stephens and Michael Fassbender, the more updated versions. Isn’t the tortured hero so mesmerizing? I adore tortured heroes striving to do the right thing. Woot!


Woohoo I look forward to envisioning Tom as Lord Seaton!
Thanks for the amazing details about your teen adventures. I am interested in hearing some Baroque music,will put that on my to do list 🙂
Toby Stephens Is great as Mr Rochester, he is a wonderful actor. The main reason he’s not my favourite Mr Rochester is the sloppy kisses he gives Jane in the bedroom eww. Sorry I just can’t get past it 😉
Michael Fassbender is my modern favourite, he does the job very nicely as does our very own Aussie actress Mia Wasikowski. The version with William Hurt does not exist in my mind 😉
Looking forward to reading all of your books ( I actually have four of them on kindle) must read them soon 🙂
Thanks for the fun Capt’n xx


Haha I love finding more authors to follow and books to read! So much fun! Now I just need to retire to enjoy them all!
Jane Eyre with Toby is wonderfully done and both leads are fab, however as I mentioned above about that kissing scene. It just turns me off for some reason, too sloppy, too aggressive, not quite sure, it’s just weird!

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