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Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Frost/Nixon is an terrific movie, and I never go see movies at the threatre anymore. I wait for the DVD. After all, most movies are animated, violent or CGI. Matthew was the reason I went. My sole intention was to look at him and hear him on the big screen so at first it was hard to concentrate on the film itself to be honest. Loved Matthew! Wish he had had a bigger part so he could show he is Oscar-worthy. However, the film is gripping and dramatic. I’m from "the era" and knew how it was going to end, but I was still mesmerized. Good job Ron Howard. Now do us all a favor, and put Matty in a starring role in a great movie and screenplay and let him at it! Please!

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

I went to see the play "Frost/Nixon" last night, here in Pittsburgh, PA, and was quite impressed. Stacy Keach portrayed Nixon and he did it remarkably well. My husband was also impressed.

I must admit that the character John Birt had a fairly large role. Guiltily, I have to admit, I was seeing MM whenever I looked at him. Down to the hair and glasses; it was like the pictures you have posted here of MM. Yes, they mentioned in the play about John Birt doing a victory fling of running into the ocean naked after the interview.

I have watched some of the interviews on YouTube about F/N movie.

I now look forward to seeing the movie once it is released in the USA.

Thank you, my friend, for keeping us up to date.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Take care and God Bless.



Loved this review by Sharon, as she rightly says Nixon was a tragic figure, he had no reason to act in the paranoid way that he did and had a towering intellect. Unfortunately he completely let the American people down and devalued the Presidency which he completely denied or would not own up to until David Frost came along and wrong footed him in the interview. Talk about underestimating the opposition! Hard to concentrate on Matthew’s lines though which are so important to the story in the movie – that face and that voice (and other parts of him as well) LOL


Great review Sharon!. Of course I shall admit I was drawn to this movie because of Matthew however the trailer does look intriguing. I remember watching many of David Frost’s interviews as a youngster (can’t remember how old exactly). I guess mainly because his interviews did stir up alot of controversy and interest.

I also vaguely remember being astonished shocked to find out that a President of USA could be so caught up in scandal and as a result lose his presidency!!! Guess that shows my naivety at the time.

I look forward to seeing this movie for so many reasons, and yes of course since Matthew mentioned his butt is in it, of course I need to check that out!

I’m so glad you enjoyed the movie Sharon!!!

ps I bet all of you will see "Australia" before me I just can’t get out to the cinema lately!

TSBO devotee

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