Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs ~ Part V

Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs ~ Part V

This is Part V (the finale) of my series exploring the Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs. I strongly encourage clicking over to read Part I and Part II as they include truncated bios of Peter Carl Fabergé, Tsar Alexander III, and Tsar Nicholas II. More importantly, ALL of the previous parts relate the history of the eggs made between 1885 to 1911.

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It is known that despite the increasing troubles in Russia during 1916, Fabergé was in the process of designing and fashioning the Imperial eggs for Easter 1917. Tragically, the first stage of the Russian Revolution occurred in February 1917, with the monarchy overthrown and Tsar Nicholas II abdicating the throne on February 26. Fabergé was unable to complete or deliver the eggs. Additionally, as I noted in Part I of this series, the House of Fabergé was closed by the Bolsheviks in 1918, Peter Carl Fabergé fleeing Russia to the safety of Germany, but he never recuperated and never created another piece of jewelry of any type.

In an adjunct blog post in a couple of weeks, I will share what is known about the 1917 Birch Egg for Dowager Empress Maria and the Blue Tsarevich Constellation Egg for Empress Alexandra, as well as the other eggs created by Fabergé not specific for Easter or the Imperial family.

This is the final installment so the highlight is on the last 10 Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs, those made from 1912 to 1916.

The cards below are created by me with basic details on each egg (from the links mentioned below) and are in chronological order of the year when the egg was gifted. Each card can be clicked for a bigger-image view.

In Part I of the series I shared links to several Fabergé focused blogs. The three links below provide minute details on each egg, including specifics on the egg’s journey and many more detailed photos. Details on the lost eggs are available as well. I highly recommend clicking over for the photos if nothing else.

Fabergé Research Site

Mieks Fabergé Eggs

Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs – Index

Share your thoughts in the comments!
Which of these eggs is your favorite?
Do you have an ultimate favorite from all 43?



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Two winners again here, the Mosaic and the Winter eggs are fabulous! I love the tapestry effect on the mosaic egg. Fabulous series, thank you.

cindie snyder

The eggs are all so beautiful! I think my favorite is the one with the Roseburg in it! So many pretty colors too!

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