Easter Week 2015

Easter Week 2015

Last year at this time (or rather, the second week of April) as the week marking Easter celebrations and remembrances commenced, I posted a series of blogs on the topic. Some were informational, some were for fun, but all were awesome! Instead of re-posting each one, I am providing easy links.


Easter Movies – With Easter approaching I thought it would be apropos to make note of themed movies. Naturally a majority are of a religious nature, but not all. There is something for everyone!

Start coloring those eggs! – A short blog on the origin of the word “Easter” and how the fluctuating date is decided each year.

Peeps! – The story behind the famous marshmallow treats, plus a “scary” video. Must See!

Bits o’ history about Easter – Brief tidbits of info on chocolate bunnies, white lilies, the bunny, and more.

Maundy Thursday – The term comes from the Latin mandatum which means “command” and refers to the command Jesus issued on the last Thursday of His life, which was to “love one another as I have loved you.”

Hot Cross Buns – Traditional Good Friday treats with a special history. Includes the recipe too!

For a few fun Easter decorating ideas, where else would one turn than Pinterest?

Easter napkin eggs

easter garland
a garland made with colorful paint samples
80Easter decor
click image for website






















easter carrots
Looks yummy!
colored deviled eggs
delicious AND beautiful!
easter cupcakes
Easter cupcake ideas


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