The launch activities surrounding Miss Darcy Falls in Love continue on at a number of websites with deadlines still a week or more away (scroll down for the links) but the deadline has passed here on my blog and it is time to announce the 3 winners who will receive signed copies of Miss Darcy Falls in Love along with some additional tokens of my thanks.

Michelle M

Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped make the release of my 7th published novel so amazing. I wish I could give you all signed copies! Unfortunately not but the good news is that there are other chances to win copies of Miss Darcy Falls in Love AND I am sending signed bookplates to all winners. Of course I am happy to send bookplates, and bookmarks, to anyone who asks. Details on that via the link to the left. As for the blogs yet eligible to win, here is a rundown–

Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell ~ winner C.E. Hart
Single Titles ~ winner Allyson H
Songs and Stories ~ winner Preeti
Romancing the Book ~ winner Dawn
Fresh Fiction ~ winners Jennifer P, Mary L
Romance Crush Junkies ~ interview
Peeking Between the Pages ~ “Paris Conservatoire of Music” winner Rebecca B
The Good, The Bad, and The Unread ~ winner Danielle C
Reviews by Molly
My Jane Austen Book Club ~ winner Ruby Chun
vvb32Reads ~ “A Unique Musical Contribution to the Ball”

Today I am at History Undressed talking about “Paris in the 1800’s” and there is a giveaway, of course. Be sure to come visit me!

During this past week Miss Darcy Falls in Love has received several more awesome 4-5 Star reviews. All of the reviews my novel has received so far are on THIS PAGE but here are a few snippets to share–

Miss Darcy Falls in Love fits into that delectable category of books that make me stay up late reading, wanting to take in “just one more” chapter before heading to bed much too late in the evening (or wee hours of the morning)…. Georgiana has always been a favorite character, and I loved how Sharon handled her journey. She mingled Miss Darcy’s love of music, her character traits as a Darcy and her desire for matrimony perfectly… I loved how Sharon handled her journey. She mingled Miss Darcy’s love of music, her character traits as a Darcy and her desire for matrimony perfectly. –Calico Critic

Georgiana was great in this one.  She was so well developed.  She had some of this same characteristics that I loved in Pride and Prejudice –her sweetness and shyness –but she was also much spunkier and much more independent…. Sebastian is the perfect hero for Georgiana.  He is musically inclined and charming. –Books Like Breathing

For those of you who love Austen novels then you have to read this. Lathan takes the minor characters of Austen’s and breathes life and magic back into them… if you’re looking for a beautiful backdrop in history along with the romance we all dream about, then you’ll fall in love with Miss Darcy Falls in Love. –Pen and Muse

And here is a lovely surprise review for A Darcy Christmas, which is perfect to segue into a reminder of my fabulous novella anthology from last holiday season. To read more about A Darcy Christmas visit the page devoted to it HERE. This review is from Christy Farmer and she gives all three of the novellas – mine, Amanda Grange, and Carolyn Eberhart – 5-Stars. This is the portion for “A Darcy Christmas”

Of the stories in the anthology perhaps the one I enjoyed the most is A Darcy Christmas by Sharon Lathan. This story is a series of vignettes (a collection of short stories) spanning the course of approximately twenty-five years of life with the Darcys. The story opens with Mr. Darcy receiving a family portrait on Christmas Day. Seeing his beloved family on the portico of Pemberley makes him feel nostalgic. In the vignettes, the reader is given glimpses of life with the Darcy’s. As a newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas, the birth of a child, telling Christmas stories with their children, and throughout the future. We see one child engaged, one child married, and unfortunately the death of a beloved member of the family. Sharon Lathan has the ability to tell a compelling story and these were the vignettes I did not wish to see end.


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    • Thank you Mary Kay! For you and your mother. Well done! A family that reads together is great. My daughter and I read the same books and it is a wonderful hobby to share. Tell your mom I said hi!

    • You are welcome, Michelle. I thank you for being a part of my release celebration. I’ll have it in the mail today!

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