Christmas surprises!

Christmas surprises!

Sharon with Sheila “Ninja Elizabeth”

The Lathan family is busily meandering all over the holiday decorated Magic Kingdom and having the time of their lives. I will share a few specific highlights of the trip once we return and recuperate!

But I had to share how delighted I was to be surprised by one of my longtime readers, Ninja Elizabeth! Ninja (AKA- Sheila) has communicated with me since I was still posting my fan fiction chapters on my old site, over two years ago now! She saw my constant Twitter updates, and since she lives in the area and holds an annual pass to Disneyland, she stopped by.

Imagine my surprise to exit the Blue Bayou and hear, “Are you Sharon Lathan?” LOL! Talk about an out-of-body experience! She was so lovely. We spent an hour chatting, eating dessert, and I signed her copy of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy that she lugged all the way over. Awesome! This now makes 3 fans I have met while at Disneyland. I think I need to plan my next trip here as a Darcy Saga Gathering! LOL!

Thanks a million times, Sheila – and Kerry, who I met on Saturday for taking the time to look me up. It was fantastic and I will treasure the experience forever.




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I’ll be in that Ninja Elizabeth! Sounds like a great idea! Glad you got to meet Sharon and her amazing family.
TSBO devotee

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

How cool for your fans to seek you out. How gracious you have been to the fans you met at Disneyland. Too bad I live all the way across the country or I might have searched for you too.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas. Take care.


Ninja Elizabeth

It was great to meet you (and your family.)

And it would be fun to have a "Dacy saga" gathering at D-land! I’ll even make buttons for everyone!


Jealous… Not only because you’re at Disney- but because they got to hang out with you!

Hope you are having a Merry Christmas. 🙂 Listen to lots of Bing Crosby.

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