Celebrate My Dearest Mr. Darcy!

Celebrate My Dearest Mr. Darcy!

My Dearest Mr. Darcy is officially released!!! Whoo Hoo!!

Can you tell I am excited? This has been a wild year. I have seen all 3 of my novels published! Wow! The road has been long and quite arduous at times, but through it all, I have shared the joys with each one of you who buy my books. Your support and encouragement are profoundly inspiring. I literally would not be here, on my website, hosting this celebration if not for my fans and friends. Thank you.

And now that the honest, heartfelt, and mushy sentimentality is stated – LETS PARTY!!!

I designated January 2 and 3 for my official My Dearest Mr. Darcy Launch Fete activities, but after some thought realized there is no reason to limit the giveaway fun to just these two days. Many folks are traveling or busy recuperating from the holidays, so checking in today and tomorrow may be difficult. So, instead I have decided to post the quizzes, excerpts, and open discussions in separate entries today AND I will keep the contest open through until midnight on Friday, January 8. On Saturday I will post the quiz answers and the winners for 2 signed copies of My Dearest Mr. Darcy. All you have to do for your name to be entered is to chime in on a discussion, answer a quiz, or just say howdy. No pain, I promise! *Alas I must again state that only US residents are open for the giveaway.

Here she is, looking gorgeous in my proud hands! Aah… I finally received my author’s copies on the 30th and was SO pleased to see that the book looked exactly as I imagined. The shiny foiling over the blue is perfect. Wow! Easy to spot from a mile away! I love this cover, even if there isn’t snow or sledding in this portion of the story. It is just so pretty, whimsical and playful, instantly conveying a tone of fun and happiness. And the 3 novels together are a beautiful compliment. I am very happy!

Reports have been delivered to me since the 28th that pre-orders are being delivered and stores are placing the books onto the shelves. By now it should be easy to find my sparkling new book at a bookstore near you, or at least readily in-stock at online retailers. Keep me informed! I love hearing from happy readers!

A number of ladies are already diving in, chatting with me on Facebook about certain parts or general delight in the story. I love that my novel is, to some people, a wonderful New Year’s treat. How cool is that? I can’t thank you all enough or find the words to express how encouraging it is to receive the positive feedback.

And speaking of positive feedback – My first official editorial reviews are coming in! Any and all acclaim is fantastic and SO essential for my continued success, but obtaining high marks from those people who receive ARCs from Sourcebooks and then read with a practiced eye to critique, well, that is awesome.

First is from Sandy M. at The Good, The Bad, and The Unread. She gave me an “A” and her written review is stunning. Thanks Sandy! I encourage you to click over and not only read the full report of my novel, but all the reviews listed there. This is a terrific website to get an honest, sensibly written commentary on romance novels.

Review of My Dearest Mr. Darcy at TGTBTU

Here is a snippet:

As terrific as the historical aspect of this series is, as fun as it is having Darcy family and friends together for whatever reason, as intriguing as the mishaps, little tiffs, and other circumstances throughout are, it’s the love, the romance between these two characters that outshines it all, and Ms. Lathan has kept that front and center and kept it true to these characters who are loved the world over. Darcy and Lizzy are the epitome of that love and romance as Ms. Lathan first envisioned them and has now written them in her interpretation of their life together. I doubt anyone could have done it much better. Not even Jane Austen herself.

My next wonderful surprise was a glowing review from Jen at Awaiting Diana. Her 5-star review – also posted on Amazon – is incredible. Thank you Jen! Both Sandy and Jen mention Dr. Darcy, and that alone adds warmth to my heart as I so love that man.

Here is a snippet:

At the center of this story are an iconic couple who have captured the hearts of readers for decades. Their story continues with the Darcy Saga in a very romantic, sweet and uplifting fashion. You just cannot help but love these characters as they are written by this author. Sharon Lathan has a true vision for the Darcys in a happy and highly amorous marriage that she never deviates from. It is a nice diversion from some of the unhappy and delusional places we sometimes find this couple in other renderings of their story.

Hopefully, these are the first two of dozens more. Yep, forever the optimist! Naturally, I will share them with you all as they roll in.

As I begin the celebration here on The Darcy Saga, I am gearing up for the events stretching out before me in the weeks ahead. I will be popping up all over the blog-o-sphere at websites whose owners are so gracious as to share the spotlight with authors. I know life interferes with fun, but I hope many of you can find the time to read my guest blogs and interviews. There will be book giveaways at most sites!

Highlights to mention now:

Tomorrow, January 3, I am celebrating the release of My Dearest Mr. Darcy with my fellow Sourcebooks writers at our Casablanca Authors Blog. As part of my celebration, I wrote an “Interview with the Darcys” that you do not want to miss! It was a departure for me, going tongue-in-cheek with Lizzy and Darcy, but so much fun. Please try to come over and party with us there as well AND take a peek at the wonderful novels that the romance line of Sourcebooks publishes.On top of all that, I will be giving away another signed copy of My Dearest Mr. Darcy. Yippee!

On Saturday, January 9, I will be holding my first solo book signing. Yikes! I will be hanging out at the Borders Bookstore on Mooney Blvd. in Visalia, CA from 12-4pm. I am well aware that this is a tad out-of-the-way for most of you – Ha! – but if you live in the general area, be sure to stop by. The rest of you can say a prayer that I don’t sit there for 4 hours looking like an idiot!

OK, now on to the fun and games……

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  1. Hi Sharon!

    I read your "interview" with the Darcys! How wonderful! I enjoyed it immensely! I even lucked out and was able to post a comment on the Casablanca sight. I tried that in the past but wasn’t very successful. This time I guess I did it right because it worked.

    I love your concept of the interview. I was smiling throughout the entire article. What an enjoyable read.

    You continually amaze us with your ingenuity! What fun!

    Happy Launch Fete!

    Take care and God Bless.


  2. Diane, you make me laugh! I hope you didn’t get the food mixed up for your animals. Ha! Happy reading, and be sure to check back in and let me know how you like it.

    Thank you SO much Shannon. I do hope you enjoy it as much as you did the others. The support from fans, and in your case readers who also review so potential readers can make informed decisions, is invaluable. I just can’t convey how deeply I appreciate people like yourself who give of your time to spread the word about good books. Bless you! And happy reading. 🙂

  3. Hi Sharon!
    I just got my copy in the mail about 15 minutes ago. I read the prologue while feeding the cats and dogs! I can’t wait to get settled in my reading chair and get started! I’m so excited!! 🙂

  4. Hi Jaclynn, You know, I really have no idea what the actual reasoning and logic was behind changing the title. I think, based on a few comments, that one reason was to have the continuity of "Mr. Darcy" in each title. They are continuing that with the 4th book, "Romancing Mr. Darcy." Secondly, I do not think they like the word "end" in the title as that may be construed as it being the end of the series. Both are fine points.

    Hey Kathy my friend! It is never too late to hear from you!!! Thank you so much for stopping by. Indeed I do need to go to Topix! Silly me! I get so muddled with so many different places to be that some things fall through the cracks. *bad Sharon!* I have seen P&P air so many times on Oxygen that the news is not a surprise. I just watched it again 2 nights ago! Still adore that movie. Thanks for the Congrats. I am heading to the Matthew Macfadyen Topix right now – the BEST PLACE ON THE ENTIRE WEB FOR MATTHEW MACFADYEN NEWS AND FELLOWSHIP!

  5. Hi Sharon!

    A little late to the party but wanted to wish you all the best of everything in this, the third of your trimuphant launches! In my book, YOU are an inspiration!

    Please come over to make a little comment bout it on Topix. We will always love Mr. Darcy and this movie. Did you see where The Oxygen Channel’s site has named P & P 2006 as one of "their favorites"! 😉

    Much Congratulations, Sharon!!

    Kathy SF
    Matthew Macfadyen Topix Forum (and blog)

  6. Hey Sharon,

    So excited about the new addition to the Saga. 🙂 Although, I liked the original name better. Why did they decided to change it?

  7. Ooh, Elizabeth! How wonderful! I have yet to see all of them on a shelf yet. If anyone is so fortunate, and happens to have a camera handy, snap a pic and send it to me, please! babysavr@pacbell.net I would be SO happy!

    Bummer, Susanne, that it takes so long to get over your way. At least you will be able to get it, though. The interview was kinda tough. Many writers do fake interviews with their characters, and it is always fun and very tongue-in-cheek. I wanted to give it a go, but being silly with characters I take seriously was difficult. At first I tried to make it realistic, but of course that just can’t be as such a scenario would never happen in real Regency life! Then I came up with the play on it being an "Austen" doing the interview and it all came together. Fun!

  8. Dear Sharon!

    I just read your Interview with the Darcys and I love it! What a wonderful idea! What made you think of an interview? Your ability to surprise us is boundless. It was so much fun to read it, I could see it all.

    I got an email from amazon, I´ll get my book between January 16 and 21. That´s really bad, but there´s nothing that can be done.

    Well, again, your interview is amazing!

    Lots of love,

  9. Congratulations Sharon! So excited for you. Saw the book at Barnes and Noble yesterday. All 3 books on the shelf together! Congratulations I know you are excited. Enjoy this and I look forward to reading this one.


  10. Seli, I do hope whatever ails you is nothing too serious. Please take care of yourself! My book will be around for a while, so you have plenty of time. And, yes, I did imagine it would be exciting! In fact, I have been waiting for angels singing the Hallelujah chorus, although that hasn’t happened as yet! LOL! I didn’t imagine how much work it would be, but that is OK too, and kinda fun. 🙂

    Hi Betty Jo. You know, true Austen fans are a breed apart. Of course, some of them are a scary breed of something, but we won’t talk about them! Others just love these characters and the world Jane created so are happy to have more. I am pleased that my vision/version gives you, and others, what they seek. It is all good in this world for an Austen lover. 🙂

  11. Sharon~

    I can’t wait to delve into the next installment of the alternate world known as the Darcy Saga. We all know it’s just fiction but your writing truly means a great deal to so many of us. Some people watch soaps faithfully. Some shop ’til they drop. I’m a Darcy & Lizzy fan. Simple as that. I read a lot of Austen Fanfic. Pulp and pixels. Your Darcys STILL keep me wantin’ more.

  12. Unfortunately I have not been able to visit the store due to a back pain and this cold weather is not helping… I am dying to see the book up close! It looks beautiful and together they are beautiful. You must be so excited to see all your books together like that… Sharon did you imagine it would be so wonderful and exciting!! Congrats, have fun and enjoy!!

  13. Vee, you are too kind. It has been an amazing adventure from the very beginning. Accolades and book sales are fantastic, absolutely, but I am mostly thankful for the great friends I have made along the way. You, Simone, Jen, Julie, Seli, Jeane, Kathy, Ninja E., Kerry, May, Esther Anne, and I am going to get in trouble for not mentioning other dear friends but my brain hasn’t had enough caffeine yet! Each one of you are so special to me and really make this experience worth it. Geez, so sentimental in the early morning!

  14. This is so great! Congratulations Sharon! This will be a successfull and wonderful year for you! Now book three and in October the 4th!

    It’s good to read all the positive and wonderful reviews of your book! And they really do look lovely together on the book shelf!

  15. Congratulations dear friend. All of the praises are well deserved. I cannt tell you how excited and proud I am of your achievments. I know there will be many more to come.
    Your gift for writing is getting all the accolades you deserve!!!
    I love the gorgeous pics of you holding the glorious third novel and the three sitting pretty on your shelf. Amazing!!
    Love always
    TSBO devotee

  16. Jenny, I LOVE your enthusiasm! And persistence. Wow! Glad your mission was successful. I know how you feel as the stores nearest me do not have good stock and the one in my hometown has only carried my books once for about 2 weeks! I love how you are so confident about the "future fans" – Ha! Fabulous! I hope all of you are pleased with what you read.

    The quiz is just meant to answer in the comments section. Nothing fancy. Like I said, it is just for fun! Perhaps I should clarify that since no one has been brave enough to respond. Thanks for questioning. Good luck with it!

  17. Dear Sharon!!!
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday!! You have definitely had a great start to 2010!!! Two future fans took me today to get a copy of the new book. YEA!!! We had to go to two different stores in two different towns!!! Crazy right!! I was a gal with a mission. However, it gave me the time to tell them all about your books!!
    I’m not sure how or where I go to take the quiz?? I know I am so excited about the new book that I may have overlooked something or jumped ahead and not read something right.
    I am so excited for you!! Thank you again for all of your hard work!!!

  18. Thanks Esther Ann! I am indeed still beaming. It is very exciting. I have the book sitting right here on my desk to keep me glowing! It is so pretty. 🙂 But I wouldn’t be here without wonderful friends like you. So, thank YOU for sharing this time with me.

  19. Congratulations Sharon!

    You have every right to be excited and proud of your hard work in writing these fantastic novels. Beam away, you deserve to.

    Yes, all three of your books look wonderful together and even by themselves. I am so happy to be a part of your celebrations. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Take care and God Bless.


  20. Hi Dina. You are very sweet. I do hope you enjoy what you read between those amazingly beautiful covers. 🙂

    Thanks Susanne. I love being able to share this experience with my readers. It is a tremendous delight for me. I hope your book arrives soon. Good luck with the quizzes. No one has tackled them as yet. Come on ladies! You can do it!!

  21. Dear Sharon,
    first of all I want to say thank you to you. Thank you for sharing it all with us, thank you for preparing all this, thank you for your kind words.
    I just came home from work and immediately I went to the computer and started reading your blog.
    I t is so good to hear of your success.
    I love the first review here, not even Jane Austen could have done it better! That´s it!

    It is so good to read about the growing love between the Darcys.
    Yesterday evening I got completely lost in Lizzy´s birthday celebrations, once again. Unfortunately I haven´t got my book now, but I have your selfpublished book, so I will wait patiently for the new one.

    And now I´ll read the following quizzes,…..

    Lots of love to you,

  22. Thanks Katy. I was stunned by how lovely they look sitting side-by-side. Sourcebooks put a great deal of thought into the novels appearance as a set. Glad you stopped by!

    Thanks Jen! I appreciate your help in any success I end up having. Great reviews and supportive readers it how it happens. 🙂

    Hi Oregon Kimm! A name I have never seen here on The Darcy Saga before. Thanks for dropping by. Glad you are enjoying my novels. Now, take a crack at those quizzes! LOL!

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