Blogging at Darcyholic Diversions

Blogging at Darcyholic Diversions

I am taking a small walk down memory lane as I recount my journey on what went from a diversion to an obsession to what is now a career! Crazy stuff! Join me at the love Barb Anderson’s blog Darcyholic Diversions. I am chatting about my newfound passion in live and hosting a GIVEAWAY!! I have a copy of Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One and a copy of Miss Darcy Falls in Love up for grabs. So get on over there!


More Than a Diversion by Sharon Lathan


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  1. If there’s a cure for Darcy addiction, I don’t want it! A guy like that is the only kind that could keep pace with me (in every way). Poor Jane Austen, who never knew the actuality of the creature she created, even worse than the dreams of Emily Dickinson, who probably contented herself with inventions of butterflies, bees and days in June!

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