Barnes & Noble photos and other tidbits

Barnes & Noble photos and other tidbits

My daughter and I drove to the big city where the Barnes & Noble store is, and there my sweet baby sat! Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy ~ Two Shall Become One sitting pretty as you please on the Noteworthy Paperbacks table. There were only 3 copies, the larger shipments to arrive on the official date and then placed on the New Fiction area. But, nevertheless, it was unbelievably cool to see my novel surrounded by thousands of books. Of course, I had to have my geek moment and snap a dozen photos! Here are just a few…….





Under the ‘other tidbits’ category:   As an FYI – Amazon is still listing my self-published versions with a notation to “Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available.” I do not know why it says this but let me be very clear: The POD versions will never be available. I suppose used copies can be discovered if one looks hard enough, but I am urging patience. I appreciate and am very flattered that folks are anxious to read the next installments, but trust me when I say that waiting for the beautifully perfected versions published by Sourcebooks will be worth the agony! Also on Amazon – the ‘search inside’ feature has been activated for a sneak peek, although it shows the old covers for some strange reason.I think that is it for now. Remember to pop in often for Launch Week news!

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  1. Had to congratulate you again! I’m so happy to have all 3 of your books and I’m looking forward to Vol. 4!
    I saw "our" book at Barnes & Noble on the Fiction bookshelf and made sure the cover was facing out for all to notice! I’m so happy for you.

  2. Beautiful pictures, Sharon! Aww, look at your book sitting pretty @ Barnes & Nobles and you looking so pretty yourself holding your lovely book! I’m so happy for you. I get excited too when I see your book at Target. There’s only one copy left there that I saw lat time I was there. Looking forward to seeing this book in other book stores very soon. I’ve already recommended and told my family and friends about your book coming out in various books stores come March 1st. Of course, I already told them that it’s already available at Target. 🙂

  3. HOW EXCITING!! You probably ran to the book while your heart was going 100 miles
    an hour. LOL I wish I had been there to see it.

    Great picture. You should frame it so you can remember that moment always!!


  4. Proud Mum! Thats what you look like Sharon.

    How awesome, you know I went to my local Target store today to buy something and I just couldn’t resist checking the book shelves just in case we had your beautiful book here, but alas i couldn’t find it. I did have my mobile phone camera at the ready just in case hehehe.

    I can’t even imagine the excitment you must be feeling. Its all so wonderful. Congratulations. Oh and I received my preorder today cool!

    Love always
    TSBO devotee

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