Audrey Rose ~ Two Years in the Lathan Family

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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cindie snyder

What adorable fur babies!! Too cute! I bet they are partners in crime as well!lol

Betty Madden

My daughter recently got a cinnamon springerdoodle in Illinois. At first, I thought I was looking at Zsu Zsu, seeing her standing alone. Ours, however, will be about 35 pounds fully grown.

Such judgment free companions pets are!


How gorgeous! It’s lucky they now get along together, one bed is cheaper than two! 🙂
I don’t have any pets, spoiled or otherwise. We used to have a budgie which was spoiled, his cage was left open and he flew out at the sound of crisps or toast! He loved to share whatever we had and was a great ‘help’ with jigsaws! I’d put a piece in place and he would pick it out, run to the edge of the table and drop it on the floor! He lived for 14 years and was loved for every one of those!

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