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The latest version of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel Anna Karenina is coming to “select” US theaters on November 16, 2012. I am very excited about this movie! Directed by the brilliant Joe Wright, the movie stars Keira Knightley as Anna and the wonderful, oh-so-handsome Matthew Macfadyen as Anna’s brother Stepan “Stiva” Arkadyevitch Oblonsky. Sort of strange to think of Matthew playing Keira’s brother after being her romantic interest in Pride & Prejudice! Nevertheless, this promises to be an epic movie.

Other stars include Jude Law, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Kelly MacDonald, Emily Watson, and many other fine British actors. Places to learn more about the movie and see images–

2005 Pride & Prejudice Blog – Jeane keeps up on the P&P stars and has lots of links to online magazines, etc. about Anna Karenina

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The reviews so far all look to be very positive. A Google search will bring them up, but here is one list of links: IMDB Anna Karenina reviews  How faithful it is to the novel is a big question. I haven’t read the novel so doubt that aspect with bother me! If the movie is as lush and epic as it appears to be from the trailers, I will be happy. Plus, I get to stare at Matthew again. That always is a perk.  :All-I-See-is-Love:


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  1. I have seen the movie and can thoroughly recommend it! Very different from P&P except for the fact that it is absolutely beautiful to look at.
    Keira Knightley – excellent and stunningly beautiful
    Aaron Johnson – this surprised me, excellent and stunningly beautiful!
    Jude Law – great performance (Oscar?) I was intimated by him never mind Keira LOL!
    Now to Matthew: Fabulous performance, from playing Darcy in all his shyness, this character is over the top, full of life, a lovable buffoon! Matthew goes for it, gives it is all. Oh by the way don’t be late for the performance, he is in the very first scene.

    Keira’s clothes! ah! all those fur hats and coats and the gowns! I felt the same as I did at a performance of The Nutcracker Suite I saw some years ago, all the delicate colours merging into one another, just an explosion of colour.

    Of course it is much, much darker than P&P, I don’t think it is spoiling it to say you need a tissue handy, even if one hasn’t read the book everyone kind of knows what happens, but all in all a very enjoyable movie. Joe Wright used very unusual methods to tell the story which you may have read about. Again don’t want to spoil anything. I wish the US could see it the same time as the UK then I wouldn’t have to worry about spoilers! LOL!

    Sharon you will love it, and I think the ladies who post here will too! Funnily enough Matthew’s role is so far removed from Darcy that it doesn’t spoil it for us. He looks so different and has an enormous moustache that you can’t think of him as anything else but Stiva. So P&P remains intact!

    I LOVED it, but I see it is in limited cinemas in the US which is disappointing.

    • I didn’t realize you had already seen it, May. How cool! I am prepared for a not-too-happy-ending movie, although I have not read the book so am only vaguely aware of the story. Generally I do not care for sad ending movies, but this one looks far too epic to pass up. Thanks for the recommendation.

      I know Matthew can handle to over the top character, so am very looking forward to that! I agree that his “look” and role are so different that while odd to be playing brother to his once love interest, they are both far removed. Won’t bother me either.

      I am thinking the limited release is only temporary. Studios do that to get in before the Oscar cut off. Then they will release it wider to entice votes. Very clever, if annoying if one of those limited theaters is not near. I need to check if Fresno is on the list. Sometimes we are, but not always.

      Thanks for always keeping me up on Matthew news!

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