A Brief History of Sea Bathing and Bathing Machines

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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[…] history of sea bathing is intriguing and extensive, with origins in ancient civilizations but with asubstantial rise in popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries, especially in Europe. The bathingroutines of the ancient Greeks and Romans were well […]

Eddy van der Noord

Dear mrs. Lathan, my name is Eddy van der Noord from Grou, The Netherlands. I’m making a book about bathing and tourism on the isle of Terschelling. In one chapter I describe the origin of bathing in The Netherlands and England.
I would like to use two images from your website:

Drawing of Scarborough Resort, by John Setterington, 1735

Sea Bathing by Thomas Rowlandson, from Poetical Sketches of Scarborough in 1813

Is it possible that you sent me these photo’s in a high resolution?
That would me wonderfull.
My mailadress is: [email protected]

I hop to hear from you and best regards,

Eddy van der Noord
Grou, The Netherlands

Stephen Clarke

Fascinating article! I looked for information on bathing machines when a presenter on Antiques Roadshow mentioned that the female character portrayed in toby jugs had the profession of “dipper.” Your article satisfied my curiosity perfectly. Thank you.

Pat Grimm

I read “My Dearest Mr. Darcy” and loved the book. I enjoyed the stories that were written in the chapters. Your writing gave me a clear descriped picture of environ which gave a vivid image. You also write good description of a character’s personality and physical image. I hope you will write more about Darcy’s in London Society. Lizzy character more involved in Pemberley business because she talked to father about estate business(showing her intelligence). Also, we know Mr. Darcy was handsome and women being attractive to him which can cause conflict in how he handles it. I have read different authors who wrote about the Darcy’s and I fine your books enjoyable to read. I discover these book at the beginning of the pandemic when I read “Pride and Prejudice” for the 3rd time. I always wonder about their future so I found Pamela Aiden books in the words of Mr. darcy which I enjoyed. I purchased a book on Mr. Darcy but his character did not match with the end of “Pride and Prejudice”. I went looking for other authors. I found you I read the first 2 about their courtship and then order the next one before knew it I read all your books. I started looking into this period about medical care, clothing and development of different forms of energy. I hope you find the inspiration to write additional books. I also looked at the Pemberley estate pictures.

Elena Ricardo

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