P&P Movie Quiz!

P&P Movie Quiz!

Another ‘just for fun’ quiz. These are off the top of my head, so should be easily known. I did thrown in a few toughies just to see who else is a pathetic P&P geek like me!

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1. What actors portrayed Mr. and Mrs. Bennet?

2. Who directed the movie?

3. How old was Keira Knightley when she filmed the movie?

4. How old was Matthew Macfadyen?

5. Who owns Chatsworth House, used for the exterior and some interior shots as Pemberley?

6. How many Oscar nominations did the movie receive? Golden Globe nominations? BAFTA nominations?

7. What is the name of the production company?

8. What British TV show was Matthew Macfadyen best know for at the time?

9. Can you name the actresses playing the Bennet sisters?

10. The famous ‘almost kiss’ during the first proposal was not in the script. Whose idea was it?

11. The movie was set at an earlier date than the novel was published (1813). Why? And what was the date?

12. Was the director (no, I am not going to give the answer to #2 away!) a well-know feature film maker at the time?

13. Who wrote the music for the movie?

14. In the opening scene Lizzy is reading a book. What book is she supposedly reading?

15. Who is the only American in the cast?

 Go for it P&P fanatics!!




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Love this quiz! Can you please give us an update on you’re book coming out this summer?!? I can’t wait!


1. Brenda Blethyn & Sir Donald Sutherland
2.Joe Wright
5.Duke & Duchess of Devonshire
9.Rosamond Pike, Keira Knightly, Tallulah Reilly, Carey Mulligan & Jenna Malone
11.No idea
13.Dario Marianelli ( I cheated)
14.First Impressions
15 Jenna Malone. I thought it was Donald but he’s Canadian 🙂

Fun fun! I guessed some, got some hopefully and cheated on a few 😉


PS I have no idea why I put Sir Donald Sutherland. Is he even a sir?

Georgia Boone

This is about the new book….Hope of the Future. It was due out this summer…any word on a ready date????? I am anxious to read it!!!

Stephanie L

1. Brenda Blethyn and Donald Sutherland
2. Joe Wright
3. 19
4. 29 (neary perfectly fit for Darcy’s age!)
5. The Duke of Devonshire
6. hmmmm not sure and I would have to look that up…
7. Focus Films
8. Spooks (as well as the delicious RPJ and RA!!)
9. Rosamund Pike is Jane, Tallulah Riley plays Mary, Carey Mulligan and Jena Malone play Kitty and Lydia respectively.
10. Joe Wright
11. I know it was earlier, but don’t know exactly when. Because writing and publishing didn’t happen at the same time.
12. I don’t believe so…
13. Dario Marianelli (and I love this soundtrack. He also did music for Anna Karenina)
14. First Impressions
15. Jena Malone


1.Donald Sutherland & Brenda Blethyn
2. Joe Wright
3. 19
4. 29
5. Duke of Devonshire
6. 4, 2, 10
7. Focus
8. Spooks
9. Jane – Rosamund Pike, Mary – Tallulah Riley, Kitty – Carey Mulligan, & Lydia – Jena Malone
10. Joe Wright
11. Late 18th century since that is when Jane Austen wrote 1st Impressions. 1812 was when it was edited
12. No
13. Dario Marianelli
14. Pride and Prejudice.
15. Jena Malone

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