Why I Write a Saga

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Sharon I love every single word of this post. To start with you have the ability to capture me with your words, no matter what you’re writing, you have an amazing gift.
I LOVE knowing the background to your genius story telling! I couldn’t agree with you more about wanting to know so much more about favourite characters. To watch their lives develop over many years. To become part of their lives through reading!
I totally agree with Susanne and May’s sentiments. I cannot thank you enough for giving my favourite characters Darcy & Lizzy ( and all of them really) a life, a beautiful full rich deep blessed life through your novels. As your first fav was LOTR mine was Pride & Prejudice. So I shall be forever grateful that you chose to tell their story for all of us. And told in a way that I really wished for them, but could only imagine (and even my imagination could not conjure anything near as wonderful as what you have created for them).
Not only that, but you have also inspired me to read these amazing sci fi novels which may not have been a first choice for me but I am now thoroughly enjoying.
Your willlingness to share so much of your life with all of us is so very special and is always appreciated. God Bless
TSBO devotee


Sharon, I am so glad that you were motivated by your love of books to write the Saga – lucky for us! I loved Charles Dickens when I was young, loved "A Tale of Two Cities" with a passion. For the past few years my favourite book has been "Captain Corelli’s Mandolin". Oh and of course "Pride and Prejudice" LOL! Hope you are enjoying your well deserved break.

Sharon Lathan

Thanks Susanne! You are so sweet. I am doing my best to keep writing more! The contract for Georgiana’s story should be in my hands any day now. 🙂


Dear Sharon!

This blog is perfect; you describe perfect why we love books. Why we can spend hours and hours with a good book and why we dream about it when we have finished the last pages.
As you I live with or in my favourite books, I love a good story and a real good one should never end.
I am excited when a favourite author continues a story with a new book.
I love the description of places and foreign countries.

And your saga represents the BEST: a wonderful story, amazing characters, historical places and facts, laughter, joy, a world famous lovestory and this special kind of magic, that captures our hearts!
So, thanks for your saga; please write more of it!

Enjoy your holidays,

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