What’s Next?

What’s Next?

The Trouble With Mr. Darcy has not celebrated its official release – that will begin on this upcoming Friday and will be AWESOME fun so be sure to come back then – but since the pre-orders arrived and were shipped out very early this time around many folks have read it. The feedback has been favorable, which makes me SO happy! Yet with the delight in how this novel continued on the story comes the inevitable questions, “Are you done with the Darcys?” and “What will be next?” Excellent questions and I planned to wait until later this month to talk about my future, but since so many are asking I figured I would share a bit.

Am I done with the Darcys? Yes and No. As I was completing my fifth novel I decided it was time to give it a neatly tied up bow, so to speak. So I did end it with that thought in mind. IF I never write more of Darcy, Lizzy, and the children I think there is enough already written, especially with A Darcy Christmas, to let fans know how everyone turns out. However, this does not mean I never plan to write more! It simply means that for a while I felt the urge to go in a slightly different direction.

News: Georgiana Darcy’s novel has gone through the initial editing process with Deb Werksman and is now in the hands of the copyeditor. It has a scheduled release date of November 1, 2011. I do not have a cover as yet, but just this last week the title was decided on. Bearing in mind that this could change, at the moment Sourcebooks and I have agreed on —

Miss Darcy Falls In Love

Simple and direct. I like it! I should have more info on this novel in the next month or two, then adding a page with more details and excerpts. I promise to keep you posted!

After I finished Georgiana’s novel last December and turned it over to my editor I decided to take a break. I needed to rest a bit, but I also needed to allow my muse to lead me. My “problem” wasn’t a lack of ideas but too many of them! I honestly could not decide which story thread to tackle next. More and more I found myself being nudged in a certain direction and then one day in January as I was painting my son’s room the opening lines and scene vividly entered my head. I could not shake it – not that I tried too hard – and as the next weeks passed the vision only became clearer. My muse had made the decision and I hope no one is too unhappy that the Darcys are – more or less – going to stay in retirement for a spell. I am not saying I am done with them! Only that I am giving them a break.

Instead I am going back in time, to 1789 to be precise. My next novel is a definite work-in-progress, but both my agent and editor are excited about it so I am not too worried about the final product making it onto shelves someday. I am not going to talk too much about it at this juncture since so much could change! But just to allay everyone’s fears, I am going to share that opening sequence as I saw it and then wrote it.


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  1. Dear Sharon!

    I completely agree with everything said here. I will read whatever you write in the future, because I love your writting style and the way you treat your characters.
    But I also have to admit that I would love more about the Darcys. Like Stephanie I would love to share the moment when Fitzwilliam holds his daughter for the first time. But your words above give me some hope that one day Lizzy and Fitzwilliam return in a new book.

    And right now I spend every minute possible with your latest book. I love it!!!!

    Thank you,

  2. Sharon the excerpt is excellent! It is so touching. Honestly when you write it does not feel like I am reading the words but listening to their conversation! If this is what we are in for with your book about dear Dr Darcy, I am extremely excited! I love the way you bring all of these characters to life and yes it is very exciting to "hear" Darcy's grandfather speaking to his sons. Just wonderful!
    I see that Dr Darcy has his wit even from a young age. And I love the emotion in the rembrance of a son and brother lost.
    A HUGE CONGRATS dear friend this passage is awesome and I know the whole book will be awesome!
    TSBO devotee

  3. Okay, I'm crying here!
    I love your writing…take some time off but plz take me back to Derbyshire! (I so love it there!)

    I'm savoring the new book; no spoilers plz girls.

    I finally got the hubby to ready P&P but it was the version with & Zombies /rolls my eyes

    <3 Cyn

  4. Thanks for the support, ladies. I seriously doubt if I will be able to abandon the Darcys for ever. George has simply been yanking on my heart for a very long time now. You know how pushy he can be and in this case I can no longer ignore his insistence! I will keep everyone posted, of course.

    How did you like the excerpt? I LOVE being able to give a voice to James, Mr. Darcy, Lady Anne, and so on. I do look forward to the times when George returns home for visits so I can see how Fitzwilliam is as a youngster. Lots of wonderful moments of the past to write about!

  5. I agree with everything Vee says. She basically stole what I wanted to express LOL. Therefore I am sad that the Darcy's are going on vacation for a while… but I am excited about reading your book on Georgina – Loved the title – very simple and very elegant!! However I am truly jumping for joy and so excited that Dr. Darcy will have his own book – You know how I love this character – from the beginning I was hoping for him to have his own book. I wish you the best always.

  6. I as well had the feeling of "completion" at the end of TTWMD (even though I was hoping there would be one more so that daughter could make her appearance…LOL). It was well done and even left me with such an aversion to one character that I don't think I can buy someone else's book that I was contemplating purchasing. 😉 I will be looking forward to Georgiana and Dr. Darcy (and anything else you decide to write) with anticipation. Thanks for sharing your talent for writing and that muse, it is completely appreciated here. I've even gotten another friend hooked. YAY!! Good luck with the book launch!

  7. Sharon this is very exciting news indeed! I look forward with great anticipation to "Miss Darcy Fall in Love" and it is very exciting to know that dear old Dr Darcy will have a book all his own! He is a wonderful character in his own right, So eccentric and witty and worldly . I cannot wait to see how that book pans out also!
    You know how much I love your Lizzy and Darcy! Your beautiful novels sit proudly on my bookshelf and I will always enjoy reading over their lives again and again. And you're right! I love the way you show us a glmpse of their amazing life together in "A Darcy Christmas" . Even though this is like a summary of how their future lives will be, it is heartwarming to know that you have kept them deeply in love, devoted to each other and with such a beautiful family full of their precious children. Of course I would not be adverse to reading more about them in the future if your writing takes you there 😉
    Even after Dr Darcy (wishing you loads of success on that score) I would love to read anything you have to offer, because I love your writing and always will!
    Wishing you loads and loads of happiness and success with ALL of your ventures dear friend!
    TSBO devotee

  8. Hi Sharon!

    Nice start on your book about Dr. Darcy. I'm sure it will be as awesome as your books about Fitzwilliam and Lizzie. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    I shall be waiting to pre-order the book on Georgiana. Can't wait for it's release!

    Sorry to hear, but can understand, the hold/finish on William and Lizzie. You have entertained us superbly with the stories you have written. You have successfully continued on with their lives and made them a part of our lives forever. Well done!!

    Good luck in your progress with Dr. Darcy's story.

    Take care and God Bless, dear lady.



  9. Sharon I have been a fan of you ever since I first read "Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy". I have read other books about Pride and Prejudice of course, but you started this passion for my always perfect "Mr.Darcy" 🙂 I am very sad that you won't be writing a book about them anytime soon..It pains me!! Whenever I have an argument with my husband your books are my backup!! I get lost in your books and feel I have nothing to worry about..I will be however reading your book about Georgiana and any book you decide to write..
    Thank you for your amazing stories!! God Bless you!!
    Laura B (NC)

  10. Hi Sharon,
    I sensed a departure coming for you. I loved how"A Darcy Christmas" went through the years. I was so amused how you mentioned the timing of muses. I got the idea for my most recent story while shopping in a grocery store. It was one of those "OMG I must write about this" moments….came home and was writing 1,000 words per hour non-stop. You will be amused to know that I have very long wait times in the school parking lot, and this is when I am reading TTWMD. The time flies by so quickly. LOL!! Best of luck with the book launch;-) Christy

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