Welcome to my new website!

Isn’t it fabulous? I love it!

Long story short: For an assortment of technical reasons, I needed to say adieu to the webhost where my old website was created and housed. I knew it was coming so have spent the past couple months researching and then finally going through the process of creating this gorgeous website. I decided that since I basically had no choice in leaving where I was I might as well take the opportunity to fashion a whole new website. After debating the issue and checking all the comparisons, I went with Hub as my host and WordPress to create the website. Then, after searching through literally a hundred – or maybe a couple hundred – WordPress templates (called “themes”) and never finding one that totally fit me and what I wanted, I purchased Artiseer to create my own from scratch! What fun it has been!

I still have some tweaking to do and a few creative ideas I am going to try to employ, but I figured it was ready enough to reveal to the world. For the most part the pages are the same as before although I did take the time to rewrite most of them and arrange differently. Feel free to peruse at your heart’s content.

Of special note–

  • The blog entries all transferred over but the images did not. In time I will add them back in here and there but it will take time. Over 2 years worth of blog posts hold a ton of images!

  • I will be adding an Excerpt page in due time that will have all new snippets from the various novels.

  • The Guestbook entries did not transfer over nicely so I had to cut/paste, which is why they are all mushed together!

Please let me know if anything looks weird. Different browsers will expose things I may not see, although in some cases there is nothing I can do about that. But other times that can help me to fix any errors. I have never worked with WordPress so that too has been a learning curve. Any tidbits on great plugins or formatting or cool widgets I may not know of are greatly appreciated! For now I am going back to work in getting it perfected!

10 Comments for Welcome to my new website!

  1. Sharon,

    I absolutely love the new website!! I am starting over and reading all the Darcy books again! You just have to write more!!!!

  2. Sharon this is a beautiful new website!!! I love it!
    Hats off to you for being so clever. It is a wonderful progression. Love the way your name is highlighted at the very top!
    TSBO devotee

  3. Thanks everyone! I am still tweaking a few things here and there. But then I tended to do that before too!

    If anyone has trouble getting here, give it time. The transfer process can take a bit. Also, clear your browser cache and cookies since they might still point to the old website, which has not been utterly deleted as yet.


  4. Looks gorgeous!! Love it! Only think I notice is that it loads MUCH faster than the old one and navigation is smoother!

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