Weekend in Pasadena

Weekend in Pasadena

This weekend five of the member of our Fresno Area Regency England Fellowship are attending the Spring Gala hosted by JASNA Southwest Region in Pasadena. I will post updates as I am able both here and on my Facebook page, followed by a more comprehensive report later on in the week. Needless to say we are quite excited! Here we are gathered by the minivan that faithfully transported us to our destination yesterday–

Don’t we look like we are having a great time? And this was while still in Lemoore and halting for lunch!

More to come……….

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  1. I was wondering if you were planning anymore novels or if the Trouble with Mr. Darcy is the last one. The epilogue made it seem like it is the last one you will be writing. I finished it yesterday. 🙂

  2. Yes!, you have a lot of fun!

    There isn´t anything better than travelling together. I love this, too!


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