Website Scavenger Hunt

Website Scavenger Hunt

I have re-vamped this website so many times that I am sure many of you have gotten lost and given up finding where I have tucked everything! Can’t say that I blame you. But, I would hate to think my obsessive need to reorganize has kept anyone from missing out on the wealth of fabulous information I have amassed. So, I am going to make it fun! Find where these things are. Hint: Most pages are accessed via the top drop down menu, but there are a few places reachable by scrolling down the page.


Entries, of course, will be included in the 2-book giveaway planned for this week. Happy searching and getting sidetracked IS allowed.

1) I have a terrific book trailer for the first 2 novels. It can be watched on YouTube, or on 2 places accessed here. Where is it? And an extra entry if you watch it and tell me who created the video!

2) I do have a counter for the traffic to the blog since I began it in August 2007. Where is the counter and what is the current number?

3) Every post entered on my blog since August 2007 can still be read. Find the archive page, look for the post “Dunder and Blixem?” and tell me what entry is right above it!

4) These boots are called “Hessians.” Find the page where these boots are defined, tell me the page’s name and the entry right above the Hessians.

5) During my first blog tour I answered dozens of interview questions. So many that I ended up compiling them and putting them onto a page. Look for that page and find the answer to this question: “Do you have a favorite scene in Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy?”

6) How would you find out the name of the Pemberley falconer?

7) Over time I have collected 414 images of Matthew Macfadyen. Where are they?

8) When was Jane Austen born? No need to click over to Wikipedia! I have the answer on my website! Give me the date and where you found it.

9) Are you on my Mailing List? Well, if not and you want to be, look for the sign-up link, and then tell me the other ways to contact me and/or keep up on my news!

10) I don’t give my street address but I do say in general where I live on this page. I also reveal my profession other than being a novelist. What is it?


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  1. Keep at it Ninja! The kids were a bit confused when you said you hadn't read the novels. They were like, "How can she be such a fan?" LOL! I had to remind them of the previous versions and my online days! Then they got it!! Happy reading my friend.

  2. I'm making progress on the first book! LOL I had to tell myself not to buy a book because I need to catch up on the Darcy Saga.

  3. Hopefully you got my email with the answers, Sharon? Also, I have noticed over time a few grammatical errors. I can't help it. I am well through "In the Arms of Mr. Darcy since I started reading it this past Wednesday. It is excellent! On page 215 I believe there is an incorrect word. The sentence is, "Anyway, while I am at Mary's house I will make sure the pianoforte IN situated appropriately near the east window as you requested." I believe the word that I capitalized is suppose to be "IS" and not "IN". Am I correct?

  4. I emailed the answers to ya…I did not think they should be on here for everyone to read. That takes all the fun out of them looking up the answers themselves 🙂 Some of them were hard to find.

  5. 1. Portrait Gallery and Home page. Beautiful clip created by Sandy!
    2.Bottom of page? Number 487567?
    3.Dewberry found under Miscellaneous Blog arhcive
    4.Mid-calf boots coming to just below the knee or lower that have tassels on the top. Named for the German soldiers called Hessians who introduced them. Harridan all on the Regency glossary
    5.ABout Sharon Interview Questions the answer is…Ooh, that is tough. I am still very proud of the entire wedding night. The blend of newness and familiarity, shyness and communication, humor and seriousness, all culminating in blissful bonding is written precisely as I imagined it. Another favorite is when Lizzy sneaks to Darcy’s office, reading his journals and examining his memorabilia. For me this was a pivotal moment when we see the deeper soul of Darcy. And then I really love the duel. My first action scene! I poured over my fantasy books and several movies to get a fresh feel for the moves, plus reading endless articles on historical duels, and learning about fencing! I did not take the decision to write a duel lightly, I assure you. It was wonderful fun and I think it turned out a nail-biter.
    6.Sorry totally bamboozled on this one!
    7.Portrait Gallery under Matthew MacFadyen
    8.P&P/Austen..under Jane Austen DOB is 16 Dec 1775
    9.Contact mailing list . Email and Facebook Twiitter
    10.ABout Sharon Biography.Living in San Joaquin Valley.You are a Registered Nurse in Neonatal Intensive Care

    That was loads of fun and informative at the same time!
    TSBO devotee

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