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Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Deborah Swift

A lovely Biblical Tale, thanks for sharing.


I don’t know that I have a favorite, but I do like how you speculate as to what might have been left out of Jacob and Rachel’s story, namely his likely shirt removal. I mean, it stands to reason given the weather and probable need to avoid risking undo soaking or tearing of fabric, right?


Oops, just saw that it was supposed to be a real-life romance instead of fictional. Recently I read about Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning and thought their story was sweet – she ran away to marry him against her father’s orders.


I love the story you chose – I always did wonder whether Leah was forced to go along or did it purposefully. I lean more toward the former because she could not have gone against her father and who would want to willingly share her husband with her more-beloved sister?

Of course Darcy and Lizzy are my supercouple but I also love Claire and Jamie from Outlander and (though it took a *bit* longer for their HEA), Jack and Rose from Titanic.


I have to say I loved how Jane Eyre was able to hear Mr Rochester cry out for her miles away. So romantic and definite true love!

Karen Aminadra

Great post Sharon! I’ve always loved the story of Jacob and Rachel, but I have to admit that my heart bleeds for poor Leah. xxx

Anna Belfrage

See? Already in the beginning there was love – but I thinc Jacob and Rachel are a better bet that Adam and Eve as I’m not sure he ever got over the snake incident 🙂 Nice post!

Lisa S

I have enjoyed all the beautiful love stories you have shared with us Sharon, here and at AuAu. I’ve already learned so much as I’ve hopped around this tour and have only hit the first few stops. Can’t wait to see what more is in store. I was trying to think of unique a lovestory to share and what popped into my mind is that of Audubon (of bird fame) and his wife Lucy. I recently watched a documentary about him, and from that show it really seemed to me they had quite the love affair — one that persevered through sickness and health, wealth and want, all the ups and downs of life. And at the heart of it all was their love of nature and… birds. 🙂

Marie Burton

Great post Sharon, I enjoyed it. Reading through the bible for the first time cover to cover now, so this is timely for me.
As far as my own favorite Historical Love Story: I love the Wallis Simpson & King Edward story and how he abdicated the throne for the woman of his heart. Romantically speaking, that’s pretty awesome!

Regina Jeffers

I enjoyed your take on the Biblical story, Sharon.

Susan S

Thank you for the Valentine’s Day celebration with your story.
My favorite “true life” love story is my own parents – their love, partnership, mutual respect and sense of fun together!
And, of course, in fiction Elizabeth & Darcy and Anne & Wentworth are my very favorite to read and reread.

Wendy J. Dunn

Just loved your retelling of Jacob and Rachel’s love story, Sharon!


Barbara Tiller Cole

Oh what a lovely choice for an historical couple. I had asked Grace if it HAD to be a historical couple, or if I could do something about something historical to do with Valentine’s Day and she was AOK with my post about Valentine’s Day candy. I have been trying NOT to eat it, so I wrote about it. Sorry that I tempted you a But what is Valentine’s without candy!

Glad to be a part of the hop with you, Sharon!


Susan Heim

I love the story of Bertie & Elizabeth as told in “The King’s Speech”! They seemed like a well-matched couple, like Prince William and Kate do now.

David Pilling

Great post, Sharon – I bet he did get his shirt off! 😉

Emily W in Austin

my favorite “real” love story was the one between my parents…they married young, very young but have been married 37 years 🙂

faith hope & cherrytea

One of my faves is my posted entry in this hop – Abigail and David..
Luved your post – definitely a beauty of a love story too! thanks for posting and participating.
Your giveaway is awesome and appreciated!

Diane Sallans

I don’t think I have one – all the ones I can think of didn’t end well for the couple – I think I much prefer the fiction that has an HEA.

Sophia Rose

I was always struck by the devotion that Jacob showed to labor that long for Rachel. Not just court, but labor. I always felt a little sorry for Leah too. I’m sure she had to do what her dad dictated back then and it couldn’t be easy knowing you are part of a trick.

Nice choice! Thanks for sharing!

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