Unveiling a newly revamped image gallery!

Unveiling a newly revamped image gallery!

Indeed I have been busy with all sorts of creative activities. In between writing my next book I became obsessed with updating the galleries for my novels. Oh fun!

For those who may not be aware, long ago when I first began writing the Darcy Saga I started collecting images off the internet. In general the photos were for research purposes. Visualizing England–where I have never been–and places, clothing, and objects from the Regency was instrumental for accuracy. Eventually it occurred to me to share the images with my readers. Over the years I have switched the hosting site for the albums, but have used Smug Mug for some three years now.

smugmugI honestly cannot stress strong enough how terrific Smug Mug is. Used by professional photographers, including my husband Steve Lathan — http://www.luvthelightphotos.com — the benefits are myriad.

Any-who, as with my website, I am forever seeking ways to improve. My recent endeavors began when I added the images I had accumulated for Darcy and Elizabeth: A Season of Courtship. It had been a while since I seriously paid attention to the galleries, or the advancements from Smug Mug. Creating a new gallery enlightened me to the potentials.

On top of that, since initially gathering images to enhance each novel, the skyrocketing popularity of Pinterest and developments in search engine optimization, finding images is SO much easier! And if I was unable to find an image fitting something in my story, my ever-increasing skills in photo manipulation usually enabled me to make it. Cool! And fun for me.

Thus, one thing led to another, and little by little I revamped each gallery! Here is an overview–

  1. There are two gallery sections:  Novel Galleries and Movie Galleries.
  2. The two Movie Galleries are Pride and Prejudice 2005 (with 519 images) and Matthew Macfadyen
  3. There is a Novel Gallery for each of my nine published novels with over 1000 images.
  4. Within the Novel Gallery folder is a separate gallery for the characters inhabiting the Darcy Saga, as well as family trees to help connect the dots.
  5. There is a page to leave comments, if desired.

All this and so much more can be enjoyed by clicking the link on the left sidebar, or here: www.sharonlathan-imagegallery.com

As a small sample of surprises to be discovered, look closely at the picture below. This is Mr. Darcy’s bedchamber at Pemberley.

bedchamber Darcys day



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Love your website and all the work you put into it. A wealth of knowledge. Thanks you.


What a wonderful website. Picture of the Darcy bedroom is beautiful. Waiting for your next book – Hope of the Future.


Dear Sharon, Every day for the last few months, I have checked to see if you had added pictures for Season Of Courtship… so thanks so much for adding them for this wonderful book… the pictures were so beautiful, and I love to see an actual visual that you as the author has while writing the book… I have always loved the beautiful pictures for all of your books, and of course, from the movie and the Regency period, and our dear love, Matthew …
thanks for all your hard work, and great imagination that continues to bring this wonderful love story to life!

Kerry L

Exactly what I thought it would be!! Lovely 🙂


Oh Sharon,Elizabeth will love their bedroom, actually it took my breath away.Darcy is every woman’s dream.


Ah, and of course he would have a picture of Lizzy at the foot of the bed. Oh that Mr Darcy is something else!


Upon further inspection, I believe that’s lavender in the vase with the roses also! I admit to planting some myself this summer, at my own “little Pemberley”! Shouldn’t we all?

Jennifer Redlarczyk

Sharon, Darcy’s bedroom is awesome! Lizzy is going to love it! Jen Red


Oh yes Sharon you’ve sold me with this pic of Darcy’s bedroom!!!! Your gallery is something I been neglecting for a while. It’s time to go for a visit. Thanks for all your hard work in presenting a wonderful website xox


Just checked out some of the pics in the extensive and incredible gallery! Excited to see some of the pics from my trip to Chatsworth still there! Makes me feel like going again 🙂

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