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Hey all! Time to post an update of general happenings in the life of Sharon! In truth life has been fairly quiet for me lately. But, I have learned that “quiet” is a relative term. I am always doing something, after all. So here goes….

Today I am over at our joint Sourcebooks Casablanca Authors Blogspot. We are spending the first half of the month with the theme “the pursuit of happiness” in honor of our American Independence celebration. I did chat a bit about how I pursue happiness, but also took the time to give a mini-history lesson on our Founding Fathers, especially investigating what they meant by this evocative phrase. Stop in, read and learn, and say Hi!
In Pursuit of Happiness by Sharon Lathan at Casablanca

I did send out a newsletter on July 1 st. Hopefully those of you on my mailing list opened it and enjoyed the tasty tidbit from In The Arms of Mr. Darcy. See, there are advantages to being on my mailing list! Newsletters will be sent out periodically when I can, but I am trying to compose one on a more frequent basis.

Another way to be kept informed is by joining my Facebook Fanpage. It is far easier to post quick blurbs there so if you are on Facebook, become a follower to know instantly what I am doing.

Amazon Alert: I saw that Amazon has finally gotten their act together and have In The Arms of Mr. Darcy and A Darcy Christmas listed as available for pre-order. Hopefully it will stay that way, but with how Amazon has been functioning lately I would not be shocked to find it unlisted tomorrow! More online purchasing websites are adding them both on as well and I have updated the purchasing pages accordingly.

In the writing world I finally typed The End on the fifth Darcy Saga volume. WhooHoo!! I have sent it off to my editor, Deb Werksman, who will begin her editing toward the end of July. Publication is scheduled for April 2011 – MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! It looks like the title is to stay The Trouble With Mr. Darcy. Of course we all know these things can change, but it appears to be a favorite and I have to admit it has grown on me and fits with the events in this installment of the tale. I am SO proud of how it turned out!! It clocked in at roughly 135,000 words, making it about the same size as My Dearest Mr. Darcy. Edits may change that slightly, but probably not too much. Nothing on covers as yet.

Now I am turning my attentions to the novel on Georgiana. Chats with my editor are all favorable but I confess that I will breathe easier once a contract is signed. So continue to cross fingers that there will be no hitches in that respect. Nothing is certain in the publishing world. But I am hopeful and happy with how the novel is shaping up. The muse is at full force and creative juices are aflowin’!

In the immediate weeks ahead I will be boarding a plane with my husband and two children for our summer vacation. We have planned a special excursion this year. Our agenda includes visiting my father and family in Mississippi, my brother and family in Pensacola, and then heading to Orlando. I visited with my dad two years ago on a road trip with my sister, but for my hubby and kids it has been over 6 years since they saw grandpa and never in the South. This will be a real treat. My brother and family we saw last year while visiting with my mom prior to her death, but again, they haven’t been to Florida. Sadly I hear the white beaches of Pensacola aren’t so white any more, but we will still have a wonderful time.

While in Orlando we will spend several days at Walt Disney World and Epcot, an adventure we are extremely excited about. None of us have been to WDW and since we are HUGE Disney fans, this is a dream come true. “Excited” honestly does not describe how thrilled we are!! The tragedy of floods in Nashville moved the Romance Writers National conference to Orlando, and as dreadful as the disaster is, the relocation to Orlando is a fortuitous happenstance.

This will be my second RWA conference and I am doubly enthused! Four days of workshops, speeches by the likes of Nora Roberts and Sabrina Jeffries, luncheons, book signings, meeting my fellow Sourcebooks writers, dinner with our publisher and editor, the Beau Monde chapter conference and soiree, and fun, fun, fun! Of special note is the Literacy Signing on Wednesday, July 28 at 5:30 pm in the WDW Dolphin Resort. This event is open to the public, is a fundraiser for ProLiteracy Worldwide, and features over 500 authors happy to sign books. I will be there and encourage anyone in the Orlando area, or close enough to drive in, to come and support this worthwhile cause. I would love to see you!!

Naturally I will have my laptop and iPhone handy at all times to keep in touch, but it may be sporadic. I will try to post notes and updates from time to time, especially on Facebook where I can upload rapidly. Another reason to join my page! LOL! Once home and recuperated from all the fun, I will elaborate here on the blog. But just in case I don’t get a chance to share my fun until well after I am home, I will set a few of the guest blogs from the My Dearest Mr. Darcy book tour to publish during the two weeks. Be looking for them!




Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Sharon Lathan

Susanne, I doubt I will have time to hit Universal Studios. My family might while I am busy at the conference. I already have my free days reserved for the other parks. So much to do and so little time!! LOL!


Dear Sharon,

today I read an article about the new Harry Potter world in Orlando.

Will you go there, too?


Sharon Lathan

This vacation trip is filled with so many wonderful moments I honestly do not know what I am most excited about. Our dream has been to visit WDW for so many years that I can’t hardly believe it is happening! And of course spending long, quality time with my dad and the family there, and revisiting all the places where my side of the family has lived for generations WAY back and getting to share that with my hubby and kids is so amazing.

And then the conference! Whew! I know I will be exhausted when it is all done, but in a terrific way.

Sorry I gave you a moment of panic, Vee. The End is typed on the 5th book, but hopefully not on the Darcys as a whole. But time will tell how that pans out.

Amazon seems to have the next novels up without any problems. I sure hope so. Now we must wait……

Sheila, thanks for the tip. I see that Star Tours is actually in the Hollywood park at WDW, but us being the movie buffs we are, that is definitely on the list! Star Tours is one of my son’s favorite rides so we will be sure to hit it.

Ninja Elizabeth

not that I think you would… but make sure you DO NOT MISS Star Tours!! It’s closing Sept 8th. It will be your last (and first) chance to take a trip to Endor!!

Have FUN!

and I loved the snippet from In the Arms.. ^_^


LOL Sharon I thought you said "quiet". You have so many wonderful things happening its def not quiet!

I too wish you a well deserved relaxing break with your dear family. I hope you have a very special time with extended family. I can’t believe your road trip was two years ago! My how time flys!
I am so glad you all get to spend this quality time together and I hope you all enjoy loads of laughs and fun at WDW!!
Haha when I saw THE END in bold writing I freaked out! But after I read the whole passage I was overjoyed to hear it was only the end of your fifth installment haha. Can’t wait!!
I mentioned elsewhere that my preorder was cancelled again by Borders. Well I went back on the site and the books were still there so I preordered them again!!! I think they have had some subtle changes to the prices etc and that could be the reason they cancelled my older order. I shall keep trying until one order sticks hehe.
I am so excited for you about the RWA conference. Hope you have a blast and I can’t wait to hear all about everything you did! And pics of course 😉
Safe trip. God Bless and lots of love to you and your family xoxo
TSBO devotee


Dear Sharon!

Enjoy your holidays! Have a wonderful time with your family, relax a little bit and have a lot of fun!

Disney World is so great. I´ve never been in Florida, but I love Disney World in Los Angeles and Paris, both are magical places.
And another RWA Conference, wow! I´m looking forward to read more about it. And of course about the Darcys.

But the most important thing is: have fun, laugh and talk with your family and enjoy the time with your husband, children, father and brother. And come back full of new energy!

Lots of love to you,

Esther Ann

Hi Sharon!

Sounds as though you have a whirlwind vacation planned! Have a safe trip, enjoy your visit with your Father and then your brother, enjoy WDW and the Dolphin Resort. It all sounds so wonderful!! Hope you all enjoy your vacation.

My husband and I stayed at the Dolphin a few years ago when he was down there for a conference and I went as a tag-a-long. It was a fabulous trip. The spouses got to go on a behind the scenes/underground tour of all the facilities. We got to see where all the costumes were stored and taken care of and a few other non-public sections. What a remarkable education!

I did go on Amazon and put your name in. It listed both of your books with a note to put your name down for notification for when the books are available for purchase. Naturally, I put my name down for both books.

Enjoy your vacation Lathans!!!! Take care and God Bless.


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