Test Your Darcy Saga Recall Answers & Giveaway Winners

Test Your Darcy Saga Recall Answers & Giveaway Winners

It is always fun to announce winners for a giveaway! On Monday, I posted a “Test Your Darcy Saga Recall” quiz to launch my week of spotlighting the entire Darcy Saga Sequel Series. Every day I posted a blog (two on Tuesday) with a topic related to my novels and characters. If you missed them, be sure to take a look on the main blog page. Fun stuff!

The names of those who commented on the blog posts and who gave the quiz a go
were entered into random.org and here are the results–




Sharon Dowman

Jane Austen address labels & linked-heart envelope stickers


Becky Boerner



Mr & Mrs Darcy frig magnet duo


Ruth Falvo


Trio of romance-themed greeting cards (blank inside)



Teresa Snipes







1 – Darcy gives Elizabeth a key which unlocks a cabinet containing boxes of special mementos. What item was NOT in the boxes? A dried twig from willow bench tree.

2 – Lizzy gifted her husband with a braided lock of her hair. What was the occasion? Their one-week anniversary.

3 – When Lizzy ran into the woods to escape the Marquis of Orman, what animal frightened her? A turkey.

4 – On Elizabeth’s 22nd birthday, Darcy gave her 22 gifts. Which of these was NOT one of them? A sapphire and diamond necklace.

5 – The Pemberley Summer Festival planned by the new Mrs. Darcy included clowns, fireworks, acrobats, and one other main attraction. What was it? Trick horse riders.

6 – Darcy enters a horse breeding partnership with a titled gentleman of his acquaintance. Who? The Duke of Grafton.

7 – The Darcys pass a romantic holiday at the seashore. Which coastal resort town do they visit? Caister-on-Sea in Norfolk.

8 – Lizzy has a physical confrontation with a woman who attempted to seduce Mr. Darcy. What was the woman’s name? Lady Underwood.

9 – The first Darcy child, a son and heir to Pemberley, was named to honor a certain relative. Who was it? George Darcy’s deceased twin brother.

10 – A fire at Darcy’s cotton mill in Derby takes him away from Pemberley. On the way home, a second horrific event delays his return. What was that tragedy? The murder of a young woman at an inn.

11 – In the Arms of Mr. Darcy includes several romances for secondary characters. Which pairing is NOT written about within the 4th Darcy Saga novel? Georgiana Darcy and Sebastian Butler.

12 – The Darcys explore the Derbyshire Peak District. Due to a sudden rock slide, one of the planned caverns is not visited. Which one? Poole’s Cavern.

13 – The Darcys and extended family travel through Europe. Where is their final destination, visiting with Baron & Baroness Oeggl, before the company parts ways? Villeneuve in Switzerland.

14 – Shortly after the birth of the second Darcy child, Elizabeth suffers from a critical illness which nearly costs her life (and ruins a happy marriage). What was that illness? Post-partum psychosis.

15 – At the conclusion of The Trouble With Mr. Darcy, several future announcements were made. Which soon-to-be event was not revealed? George Darcy’s engagement to Amanda Annesley.

3 Comments for Test Your Darcy Saga Recall Answers & Giveaway Winners

  1. Dear Sharon Lathan My name is Thera van de Wetering, I live in a a small town in Maine . My favorite book is no suprise ” Pride and Prejudice ” and your books have been a great joy and a wonderful complement to this book. For I always wondered what happened to these great characters after they wed. You have developed these characters just as I thought they should have been. The secondary charters , well I cannot compliment you enough. Your invention of Dr Darcy was pure genius , he compliments the cast , and brings flavor to the storyline . I have read your books more then ones , I must admit, and each time I enjoy and discover something new. Please keep writing .
    Thank you

  2. Congratulations to all the lucky winners. What lovely prizes. I was lucky enough to win a set of cards in an earlier competition so thanks again Sharon for hosting such lovely posts and giveaways.

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