Suzi Love ~ Making history fun, one year at a time

Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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joanna lloyd

Great interview, Suzi and Sharon. Love Suzi’s books and so admire what she achieves despite the health challenges she deals with. Determination is Suzi’s second name!

Suzi Love

Another lover of clothes, jewelry and shoes? We’re twins.

Sorry about your health issues but I think that so many of us meet due to our mutual love of books and a lot of that love comes from reading more and more to lift our spirits when we’re sick. Don’t you think that the escapism of reading brings joy to so many people, yet brings even more joy to people who aren’t able to get out and about as much and can’t enjoy big adventures personally?

Joanna Moreno

Clothes, jewelry, shoes!! Amen to that sister!! LOL Lovely interview. And I have to say I’m part of the “health issues” group but being optimistic has helped tremendously and books have helped ever soooo much. I love being part of this romantic community and believe it or not that has also helped me have a better outlook in life =D

Angelina (Barbin) Jameson

Great interview! It is great to hear more about one of my favorite authors. I’m so sorry about your health problems. They don’t seem to keep you from forging ahead!

Suzi Love

Thanks so much for making me one your favorite authors….fanning my blushing face.

And Yes, health problems may slow us down but they can never stop a determined person, can they? Especially when stories are clamoring in our heads and demanding to be written.

Joy King

Suzi, Keanu Reeves and pink. My kinda gal. I, too, have stinky health and when I can’t write I browse through Sharon’s Pinterest boards for her Regency goodies. It keeps me inspired.

Thank you for the wonderful interview and the opportunity to get to know you. Best of wishes with your writing career.

Suzi Love

Another pink and Keanu lover? I’m in heaven. So pleased to meet you.
And I love Pinterest!
So much fun and so lovely to be able to browse gorgeous Regency images. I hope you’ll take a look at my boards too, because Sharon and I share the same passions there.


Her book sounds like a lot of fun.

Suzi Love

Tea, I hope you get to read my books and enjoy them because I have so much fun writing them.

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