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Sharon Lathan

Sharon Lathan is the best-selling author of The Darcy Saga, a ten-volume sequel series to Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice.

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Can we get an update on book two???


Can you give us an update on you, your health, and the status of Hope? I didn’t see a more recent blog post on the subject.
Wishing you all the best!

Cherri Trotter

I am looking forward to your next writing adventure! Best wishes for your health and happiness Sharon.


Hope your health is on a speedy recovery. I love all of your work. You truely made Elizabeth and Mr Darcy come alive. Focus on what causes you joy and dont let any negativity destroy your joy in wtiting.


I have recently discovered your Darcy books and ordered the 8 listed. As soon as they arrived I sorted and began reading – what a joy. Then noticed that i had not ordered ‘Darcy & Elizabeth – Hope of the Future’, which led me to your web page and your explanation and the status of the book. Thank you for both and your candor.
Best wishes for your full recovery and if ‘Hope of the Future’ is published, I would appreciate a quick email.

Connie Van Nevel

Sharon, I was checking Amazon to see if any specials because of your birthday this weekend, and I noticed this new prequel. I ordered Book 1 immediately and was trying to find Book 2 to order that as well.

I then came across this article from you. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH ALL NOTES HERE. You’re health, well being, and family come above all else. You take your time. Your creative juices for the Darcy’s and friends will return when you are ready for it to.

I will be patiently waiting for Book 2 while I will enjoy anything else you write in the meantime.

Take care of yourself first and enjoy your family. It sounds to me that you have your own Mr. Darcy!! (as do I).

From a fan of you and all things Jane Austin!

Connie Van Nevel
[email protected]

Michelle Correia

I want to wish you a fond “Get Well Soon”
Mahalo for all the great stories you create that keeps me loving Pride and Prejudice.
A hui hou (until next time)
Your Biggest fan from Hawaii,
Michelle Correia
P.S. I hope you do a book signing in Hawaii someday. I own every one of your books (even a couple of the older versions).

Ann Myers

I am looking forward to reading the sequel. Please don’t give up. If you need typing help or a proofreader, I am a retired English and History teacher and would be willing to help. Just recently I found out from my cousin in Goshen, Kentucky, that there is a Jane Austen Festival every summer in Louisville. Do you know about this? You should do a book signing there. I’d sure show up to see you. Where do you live in Kentucky? I have cousins as well in Louisville, Carrollton, Ghent, Turners Station, and Dry Ridge; my cousin was a Kentucky Colonel; and my grandma was from Paint Lick and my grandpa was from Bracken County. I live just south of Indy and belong to JASNA. I hope next year to make the trip to the Austen Fest in Louisville. I’m finally going to England, Scotland, and Wales in the spring of 2016. Please be assured I will help if you need me.


OMG… what will I do without constant updates on Darcy-Lizzy et al? I have already read ALL your books THREE times… I was SO happy when I was able to order Book One of the prequel. I need to read your books to keep my own depressed state at bay… btw, did you know that you can have your words inserted into your computer via voice-activation instead of typing???? It’s not even expensive. What in the world is that thing called, something to do with some kind of animal, I think… Puleeez check with your computer people to put that into action. Sharon, I am so impressed by the quality of your writing. I am an avid reader and have NEVER read any other author’s books over and over and over like I have read yours… You could go on forever with the Darcy and Bingley and Essenton and Fitzwilliam families and I will be right there with you, waiting impatiently for the next installment. I’m SO sorry that you are not yourself these days and hope that you will soon see the sun shining in your heart again. I’m sure that you have a HUGE reader-base hoping the same for you. HUGE HUGS!


*HUGS* It has been a tough season, but the next season of your life will be much better. Hang in there!

Cherri T

Sorry to hear of these difficulties dear Sharon, I have been wondering what had happened with Courtship part II. I will be patiently waiting for it. Sometimes life happens! You’ll get your groove back 🙂


Just now reading this Sharon. I know the paralyzing effects of betrayal of those you considered friends. It will be hard to write for some time but it will pass eventually. Know that there are those who understand entirely and keep you in their heart and prayers. I know that once you write again, it will be well worth reading.


We understand and look forward to your new stories when you decide it is time! We will all be waiting patiently! Be well, be happy and we will BE here!


Oh dear Sharon I hope all will be better for you soon! I can totally relate to your current situation. Because I too have had and are having some health concerns and if I’m totally honest depression. Nothing is as it should be and if it wasn’t for my dear family I would be lost. Many happy thoughts and good wishes heading your way. Ps your books are always with the wait. Take care if yourself first. Lots of love and hugs to you xox

Jaye misejka

I count on your Darcy & Elizabeth stories for comfort reading. But now it’s my favorite author who needs some comforting. Take the time that you need to take care of yourself and feel better. Let that physical therapist help to improve your aches and pains. As the mother of a physical therapist, I know how extremely hard they study and apply their knowledge and strength to help their patients.
We eagerly anticipate your upcoming prequel, but your health and well-being come first.
Thoughts and prayers are with you,


This song just about says it all.


Dear Sharon,
I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope that you feel better and have a speedy recovery!


Dear Sharon… Thanks so much for the update… I don’t facebook or twitter, so I haven’t been up to speed on your book… I have continually checked this site and Amazon for it, and I am sorry to know it’s release isn’t imminent… that being said, I agree with everyone else… take care of yourself and don’t worry about us Darcy and Lizzie fans… “absence makes the heart grow fonder”… we will eagerly await the release when it happens…your fans love you and support you… get better… and God bless you!


Sending you love, love, hugs and many Happy Dances your way!!! We shall wait patiently and thank you for all the wonderful Darcy and Elizabeth moments you have brought to life. I will cherish your books and keep them in my special place until Darcy and Elizabeth start tLalking to you again to continue. Sharon We will be here always for you. Love you always. Your friend for life


Thanks for updating your fans! It is easier to wait with some idea of how long it might be. I would be very happy to read anything you decide to branch out into! You’re style is all your own. I’ll find other things to read but as soon as you publish the next thing I will be right there waiting to read it! I do look forward to more about the Darcy’s but of course you need variety. Write what you enjoy and I will enjoy reading it!


I will be waiting patiently for whatever book you publish in the future. Your overall health (physical, emotional, and mental) should always come first. It sounds like you’re doing everything necessary to overcome the trials of life. I pray for God’s healing hands on your life.


Bless you, dear one. As others have eloquently expressed, your well-being is much more important than the selfish wants of the reader. I myself know all too well what it is like to have one’s entire life purpose pulled out from beneath one, like a bad pratfall. While some may laugh, those of us who have found ourselves unceremoniously upended in such a fashion know that no humor exists within said scenario. I wish you peace and continued healing – on all levels. _/\_ Blessings, Dragonheartsong


Sometimes things happen in life that deeply depress us. I am sorry Hope of the Future is on hold, but perhaps that can be your mantra….Hope of the Future. I am looking forward to reading it whenever you are able to finish it. Sorry to hear about your health issues. They pull strength from us too. I truly hope with the support of your family and friends you will continue writing the Darcy Sags.

Mary Morgan

Sending healing thoughts and prayers your way, Sharon. Take each day slowly, for we will always be here. Love with hugs!


Dear Sharon,

So sorry to hear of your struggles. Chronic pain alone is horrible but coupling that with dealing with betrayal from those you thought were friends – I can imagine it’s hard to focus on writing. Don’t worry about us, just focus on your health and happiness. I have a sneaky suspicion once you are feeling better your muse will have all kinds of ideas for stories you to share with us. We, your faithful readers will willing wait for you and can simply enjoy re-reading your other books. Praying that you get well soon so you can fully enjoy how lovely fall is in the mid-west (I’m in Ohio and fall is my favorite season) and the upcoming holiday season.

Hugs and best wishes,


Sam @ The Little Munchkin Reader

Dearest Sharon,

Please, please do not think you have to rationalize your being absent. As previously stated, you, your health, happiness and family, just to name a few, MUST and ALWAYS come first. Sure, it’s great when you do write about our beloved characters, but writing is not the only thing life throws at you, is it?

Sending hugs and Get Well Wishes across the interwebs,

Eva E

All my thoughs and prayers are wtih you are you continue through your physical recovery. Your honesty and support of your loyal fans will aid in your creativity.

Linda K

Thanks for letting us know. Getting past betrayals may take a while; but in the end, the book you write will be worth waiting for! Best wishes and know you have loyal fans that appreciate you!

Stephanie L

I second what Joy said. Ouch and for the love of Pete get better. As much as we love you and your creations out here in the virtual world, you are a real person with real pain, anguish and issues. More than that, you have a life outside of this (*gasp*). I send prayers and good vibes from here to there. Get better, improve your quality of life. As for the other…the ability of people to switch horses midstream never ceases to amaze me. I have experienced the loss of (what I THOUGHT were) good friends of some standing and still don’t understand how a person suddenly changes or why one day they decide to reveal their true colors. Be strong and lean on your actual support network. Hang in there my friend. You’ve got this.

Stephanie L

…and furthermore, knowing Dr. George the way we do, we know he would be MUCH more concerned with what’s ailing you and what fabulous treatment a marvelous physician could impart to make you better. So take the good Dr.’s advice and focus on that. The muse will continue to poke at you, but I shall not. =D


I appreciate the update and will set aside my thoughts of A Season of Courtship. It is important that you improve your health and find a life worth living. I will patiently wait and will hope for the future that you will be OK.


Just know, Sharon, that we are all here, with our love and support. And just think about the songwriters who have turned heartbreak and disappointment into mega-hits! Like Taylor Swift and Adele, because we can all connect with those emotions at some level. Maybe these feelings will energize you for a juicy plot of betrayal with our favorite characters!! You know, we all loved the Lady Underwood story, still cracks me up.
So take good care of yourself first, but we will all be here waiting!
Xoxo Pam


I understand what you are going throw my husband has bursitis which he is pain a lot to we will be patient for the book I enjoy reading a season of courtship hope you start feeling better

kathy e

Sharon, I am so sorry to hear of your struggles! I hope that the love of your family and the thoughts ans prayers of your adoring fans will give you strength. We will be here waiting for your wonderful stories whenever you are ready to share agailn. Take your time and build your strength, both emotional and physical.


Sharon…we love you. We love your writing. We will all wait patiently til you are good and ready to release anything. Just take one day at a time and live it to the fullest.

J "Joy" Dawn King

Ouch! Chronic pain and heartbreak is debilitating and I am deeply sorry that you are going through this at this time. Please know that any genre you write would be a pleasure for me to read.

Betrayal by friends and close companions is traumatic and leaves you vulnerable and victimized. That’s why what Judas Iscariot did to Jesus is heinous. Again, I am sorry from my heart for losing that trust in those that claimed friendship. However, please know that you undoubtedly have more support than you are aware of from virtual strangers like me. Best wishes, Sharon, for recovery.