Sharon’s Website – More than Meets the Eye

Sharon’s Website – More than Meets the Eye

post-it-must-update-website-aOver time I have added tons of information to this website. Constantly I am searching for creative ways to share my research and novel news, keep the internal software at a high functioning level, and improve the experience of visiting and reading my novels. Sometimes even I forget all the “stuff” I have on here! That said, I do try to keep the pages clearly marked for content. Still, with so much content, some explaining might help.



Bits and Pieces on Sharon Lathan’s Website & Blog~

On the HOME PAGE I have each novel cover image and a short description. The descriptions link to the website page about that novel.

A FOOTER appears on all my pages. Inside that footer is my copyright information, links to the most recent blog posts, and links to three of the groups I belong to.

The SIDEBAR on my blog page contains more info & links than the sidebars on the other pages. 

On the BLOG SIDEBAR will always be the list of my Guest Authors, and any upcoming appearances I’ll be making.

Some of my pages can be quite long, and scrolling can be tedious. Luckily there is a Top of Page floating button at the bottom edge that, when clicked on, rapidly scrolls the page upward!

The NOVELS page has each of my nine novels listed, in reading order, along with publishing dates and other info. On each cover image is a tiny “shop now” link that will take you to an Amazon purchase page.

Hovering over the “Novels” line on the sidebar menu brings up a submenu listing of individual pages for each novel. Click on any one. Note the back cover blurb and synopsis, links to excerpts, and editorial reviews on each novel page.

At the very top of each page are four red, circle icons. These are direct links to my Twitter, Facebook Page, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The PURCHASING page has been newly re-vamped!  What you may not know is that purchases via the Amazon Marketplace “shop now” links for any item linked on this page earns me a teeny bit of affiliate money. Also, to help feed the Jane Austen addiction we all have, the page includes listings of Austenesque non-fiction, as well as Austen movies and novels.

At the bottom of every page and each blog post are handy-dandy links to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and email. I can add more social media places if requested! 

On the CAST OF CHARACTERS page I have added a visual “family tree” of the Darcy Saga characters. You gotta take a look! 

The NOVELS & REGENCY IMAGE GALLERY is an off-site link to my SmugMug albums. I am working gradually on images for the Prequel Duo, the album to be added later.

A couple of weeks ago I added a number of entries and images to the REGENCY GLOSSARY. It now has 223 entries! My Pinterest boards have far, far more images—but without the definitions. Both are awesome resources for the Georgian and Regency Eras.

The LIBRARY AT PEMBERLEY is my newest page. It is a forum platform plugin I have utilized to keep my novel excerpts, historical bits, and extra writings all in one neat place. Many of the old pages and historical posts are now here. 

There are three ways to contact me directly: Email contact, add a Guestbook entry, and register as a “devotee” to use the forum.

Ways to stay abreast of my happenings include: Join the “mailing list” to receive email notices when I add new blog posts. Subscribe to my RSS feed. Read and/or subscribe to my online newspaper History, Romance, & Austen. All are on the MAILING LIST & NEWSPAPER page.

Hopefully this was helpful. Take time to look around. I have SO much for you to enjoy! Next week I will be posting a “Website Scavenger Hunt” for a prize. Get prepped for that!




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